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Echo Class Cross Section Workshop by Bob W

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Hello Everyone,


I will be attending the upcoming Admiralty Models Workshop on the Echo Class Cross Section given by David and Greg.


I'll start by saying I messed up the parts Greg sent by using a black construction paper that was too thick.  No shop in my area had any of the correct paper.  So I sawed up some boxwood I had on hand from Hobby Mill and started over.  What I came up with was some tissue paper that I colored with a brown 'Sharpie'.  This seems to work ok.


The False Keel



The Keel and False Keel



And the jig made for holding the keel for the carving of the Rabbet





More later,



Bob W



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Hi Jim,


Used some 0.020" hard brass wire from a spool I've had for over thirty years.  Can't remember where it came from.  The holes in the keel parts were drilled with a sensitive drill chuck in a 8" drill press. Both halves were marked then drilled.  The bolts were blackened with some brass oxidizer from a engraving shop that I've had just as long.


Bob W

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Thanks Trussben and Greg,


I had a great time and learned much.  Re-doing the shop now to set up the scroll saw that's been sitting around.  Then to get a Oscillating Spindle Sander and a disc sander,  then I'll be set.


Bob W

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Update:  Have been working on a new work area.  Ran a 20Amp line with a 4 gang receptical box.


New Oscillating Sander by Shop Fox.  Good deal from Amazon.com at less than $160 with free shipping.  Makes lot of noise,  but can't beat the price.  


Craftsman 16" Scroll Saw.  Its been sitting in the box for three years.  Very smooth with not much noise.  Needs pin blades, haven't found any with a small front to back size.


Harbor Frieght Micro Mill.  Love this mill,  the 'Z' axis fine adjustment is the dial just above the light.  Still need a tilting table.


And the last item is a Brynes Disc Sander.  What a dream to use. Makes fast work of chocks.



Bob Wescott

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Made a new keel from the kit wood.  This is the Mark II framing jig.  71/2" high,  very snug fit to the keel.  The only thing to watch for is that the temporary cross bar at the top of the frame must be a thickness that is equal to the offset of the frame thickness difference in the top timber.


Here is the build board covered with a clear protective sheet.


A shot of the layout sheet.  mounted to the glass lapping plate from the sharpening pond.  I've been using Scotch Brand double stick tape to keep the parts in place and for the pattern cut outs, no residue to clean up. 





Bob Wescott

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