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US Brig Syren by Roger

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Welcome home, Roger.  I'm very happy you've decided to share what photos you have with us and to continue as you complete your beautiful build.  I know she's being built from scratch but I forgot the exact scale?


Thank you my friend. 

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Superb model. I assume it is done at the scale of 1/48th. Your workmanship is exceptional and the final result is stunning, although classic and museum like.




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I am with Augie on this...my all time favourite Syren!

I was hoping you would repost more photos - very inspirational. I really missed the old log. It really makes me want to re-start my Syren - although I am not very far along the build anyway.

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I received my Syren kit just before going on vacation with my wife to Hawaii. While there I found this website. I ended up researching all the 1.0 Syren builds along with many others in the 8 hrs a day that I spent waiting for her to get ready. Yours was one of the ones that inspired me to really get involved in this hobby. I am so glad to see you repost your photos. Your build will inspire a bunch more guys I'm sure.

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Hi Richard,


Sorry for the delay,but here's a short list of woodchoice:


Plywood for bulkheads and keel.....

Cambara (brazillian hardwood) for hullplanks........

Marupa for upperhull........

Marupa for deckplanks.........

Beech for masts and spars.........

Cherry for smaller deckparts.........



Thanks mate for the kind words.......


Best regards,



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