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Micro mark 3D printer

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Don't know anything about this particular unit.  But a buddy of mine is a polymer engineer and he used a 3D printer combined with his drafting skills to design and completely build a polymer flying model aircraft.  The design included wing ribs, fuselage bulkheads, landing gear etc.  Looks to me like this will be an impressive technique in the not too distant future.

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Thanks for the heads up Ben,


I was sitting in my wheel chair at Wal-mart the other day waiting as the Admiral went to the ladies room and she parked me in front of the printer section.

They had straight inkjet color printers (no scanner, fax...) for just $39. That made me think of my first Canon inkjet back in 1995 that sold for $426.


image, in 20 years we will be able to completely print a model kit... ICK, some how I'm not liking that, but I can definitely see an under $500 3D printer having as much value as say a Byrne's or a mill (similar priced equipment) and that's closer then 2 decades away.


I've seen where there are 3D printers that do color also, so imagine printing grained pre-spiled planking and you just pick the wood and graining. Wow, that kind of boggles the mind to think about.


Augie, your friends 3D aero-plane would be interesting to see.

I agree this tech will revolutionize many things. I saw something, where they were using similar tech to print skin for grafting of burn victims and hope one day to possibly print organs using the patients own cloned heart/liver/... tissue to prevent rejection issues. Its one amazing world we live it.

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Keith-  I'm hearing that they are working on materials to simulate wood so the finished product doesn't look like 'plastic'.  At the rate technology is moving, we might very well see things available within just a few years.  Like yourself, I think it will take a lot away from what we consider today as 'craftsmanship'...but you can't stop progress.  If nothing else, it gives us a choice ---- do it the old way 'by hand' or step into the future.

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I'm going way off topic here post-76-0-12435600-1407198738.jpg and will go turn myself in for a flogging...  post-76-0-73226600-1407198530.gif


Have a look here:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/science/special_projects_bureau/  Look for articles on the Vulture2.   It is/will be a rocket powered 3-D printed plane that will be launched from a balloon at the edge of space... or close to it anyway. 


Vulture1 was a Paper Airplane Launched Into Space... via balloon.  Got into the Guiness Book.



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Remember when Ripley had a "believe it or not" series - I loved those as a kid..... but gosh it seems anyone we can do nearly anything anymore and nothing is impossible. Tech is changing so fast, heck there is nothing left not to believe....

Personally though I want a 3D printer to print me my Jetson's flying space-mobile. That would free up time for carving figureheads and eliminate traffic. Heck if it flew its self I could carve while traveling and save even more time for making sawdust and shavings. Print my space-mobile with a ship building work station please.   :dancetl6:


I do have mixed emotions, the tech kind of kills old school craftsmanship, but then who wants an ice man delivering for your ice box when refrigeration is so much better. I've come to the conclusion that maybe I am just getting to old, I'm starting to sound like my grand-dad " WHAT, PAY FOR WATER, why heck it falls from the sky." Luckily he didn't live to see the bottled water era.

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Thought I'd add the link to see this 3D printer.  Makes up  7 5/8 parts.  Plenty large enough for our needs.

Strange that the details says takes 30 hrs to assemble....hope that includes a couple lunch breaks.




Gotta go start practicing my sales pitch for the Admiral....




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