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San Francisco 2 by Shaz - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - Wood

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Yes I did see your post thank you. I am just going to install a drop plank or two to get the pattern level again, no biggie. How are you coming along? I haven't been doing much except a plank here and there. Although it seems like shipbuilding is all I think about :)



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Looks great so far. I built the older version of this same kit last year - a lot of fun but found the laser-cut parts a little off in some significant places - the bulwarks in particular, though also the decks (less so) - how have you found the quality of this kit?


Also - I saw other build logs of the SF II with a single layer of mahogany planking...but it seems that this one is double-planked...do you know if they revised the kit? Keep up the good work


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Yes, Hamilton, I chose to double plank as this is my first attempt at a kit such as this and I knew my novice skills would not be up to the challenge of bending that thick mahogany and making it look right.

Nice to see you again as well Sjors. I was in a bit of a panic when the site went down, but am very happy it is back up and running again. I don't believe I could get through this near as well without the help, input, and knowledge to be found here.


As you can see from the attahed pics, planking has progressed. Ran into a couple of problems with a couple that broke on me, as well as the fact they don't all lie nice and neat . But I have persevered none-the-less






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As for the quality of the kit...it does seem AL listened to many of the complaints and improved, or at least changed some of the issues. I still had issues with the decks, but I just trimmed off the excess so things would lie correctly and line up right. They improved the cannons, and row boat. Seems they also replaced the carriages, ladders, and grates with wooden ones that have to be assembeled. Hoping these are improvements.


First layer of planking completed last night...first 3 hours of sanding finished.

I do hope my planking pattern is correct enough for this model. If it is not, will someone please tell me what I need to change for the 2nd layer.

Hoping to get all the sanding done today, it is nice enough to sit outside and work, a bit unbelievable for mid February in Kansas.


Yes, Aaron I did plank up the bulwarks. I felt that with all the later additions in those areas, I would need the added stability of the thicker planking.





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I saw your post about the planking, but I figured I would respond here.  


Did you look at Vulcanbomber's planking pattern?  Thats what I am aiming for and I think that is what you pretty much did for your first layer. I guess if you want to make it look like a real ship then you will have to do a lot more work.  I have decided that I will plank mine the easy way and just take in the whole experience of it and then on my second ship, I will learn the serious planking skills that make the model look like the actual ship.


I think it will look good either way its just a matter of personal preference and the amount of detail you want to put in.



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Hi Robbyn ;Saw your build log on the San Fransisco, this will be my next (2nd) build. I see you changed the  

kit to a 1st & 2nd planking from only a single planked hull. Just wondering how you did this. Was it just allowing for the thickness of the 2 plank & sanding the frames to allow for the additional thickness? 

In any event before I start on my own a little advice for someone who has done it before me would be great.

As someone who is really new @ this hobby, I have to say I`m hooked to say the least.

    Hope your next build looks as great as your current one



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Jim, there seem to be two schools of thought on this very topic. the first is to sand down the bulkehead to get rid of the "lip" the bulwarks sit on and to only plank the first layer up to the bottom of the bulwark...and the second route that I chose which was to leave the bulkheads as they are and plank the first layer all the way up the bulwarks as the original single planked instructions state. I chose to do this as I was worried if the bulwarks did not have that extra supporting layer of thick planking they would be to fragile and unstable during later stages of the build.

Unfortunately, when I ordered the new strips for both layers I did not have the forethought to order the two thicknesses of both to equal what the single kit-supplied thickness is.

However, now that the first layer is done and sanded, I fitted that rear balocony at the stern to see if I waas going to have future problems, and it seems I must have sanded off enough of my limewood layer that I do not foresee any issues.

That does not mean I wont run into something somewhere down the line...this is my first build so I don't really have enough knowledge to draw on to see the entire chessboard so-to-speak. But I am not real worried...if I hit a snag, someone on here will be able to provide me with a suggestion or work around.

If you want to be safe, then yes, order your two planking strips in a combined thickness that will equal the thickness of those mahogany strips provided by AL.

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I have to say, all the tapering that needs to be done for this hull is certainly tedious and boring. Really wish there was a way to skip over this, or at least make it less time consuming.

Oh well, I know if I take the time now I will have better results in the end, right? please somebody tell me I am right and this is worth it! ;)


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Thank you, and yes I did manage to work it out without getting that clinkered look. Just took some time and trial and error, a lot of error ;)

Aaron, I tried using pins both ways. If I went through the basswood I tended to "chew" up the edges of the strips, so I have opted to use only masking tape. holds well since the strips are so thin, and doesn't damage anything.

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It may seem that the planking is rather tedious and boring, but some time spent on this step will net you some good results. This is what the casual viewer will see when they look at your model. I think it looks good so far.



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Hi Robbyn,


The second planking looks great!

When i have second planking I also used the head pins.

Only not into the planks but a little bit away from the planks.

So the pins are going to the first planking

Then the head holds the second planking in place.

I know it takes some time if you want to do it right.

But you are on the right track!



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Have you thought about when you are going to cut in your dummy doors?  Some people do it before the second layer of planking.  I can't decide if I should cut them in before or after I put my strakes on, i plan on my strakes being a natural color and not a stain, and I would rather cut the gun ports in after they are on so they can be centered around the strakes, but I am just concerned about gluing the strakes on after I put the stain on the hull, I don't know if the glue will hold with the stain and also I don't want to see any glue around the strakes, all the decisions are stressful!

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