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Armed Virginia Sloop by albeader - Model Shipways.

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Welcome to the forum.  I'd suggest opening a build log in the kit builds subforum, that way people can follow along and offer encouragement and assistance where needed.


Looks like you've got a nice start on it.

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Hi Al,


Nice to see you have found your way to MSW.


As Gunther says, and he's building AVS at the moment, please start a build log so we can all enjoy you progress.


I look forward to seeing more.




MODS - this proberbly needs moving to the welcome section.

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Go to the sub-forum named "Kit build logs in progress".


Read the very top 'pinned' post on how to start your build log and name it.


Ask any questions if you don't understand something, but basically, the same way you started this thread, but in that sub-forum with a title based on the suggestions in that pinned post.

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Well Al,


It looks like you have a build log now, please add plenty of pics of your build as you go, ask all the questions you like and I'm sure

you will get lots of answers and help.



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Here is where I am with the fashion pieces in place.  I added to the port side to get better proportions prior to adding the fashion pieces.  I used a scroll saw to cut the round pieces and wonder why the kit designer did not add this to the laser cut sheets supplied with the kit.  I actually used some scraps from one of the laser-cut sheets.





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Hi Al

Looking good. She's a really nice model and, as a first build, one that I enjoyed immensely. I'll keep looking in and if I can offer advice I will but seems you are well in control.




Current Build - HMS Fly by aliluke - Victory Models - 1/64


Previous Build  - Armed Virginia Sloop by Model Shipways


Previous Build - Dutch Whaler by Sergal (hull only, no log)


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  • 1 month later...

It has been a while since I last posted.  We went through Christmas and other activities but I continue to work on the AVS.  However I did some "outside" work that I will describe here


I could not understand some of the instructions that I was reading concerning the planking of the hull. So I decided to build what I’m calling a hull section pictured below.

 I copied the bulkhead patterns for bulkhead L and a couple more which had the spacing to provide a gun port.   The results are seen in figure 1.




I created the sub deck by gluing together lengths of 1/8 inch Basswood and applying them to the bulkheads. (Figure 2).

I then planked the bulkheads as shown in figure 3.







Figure 5 shows the interior of the bulwark complete with waterway installed. I have two designs for the waterways.   The section on the right of the deck area is the waterway installed as called out on the plan. To the left is a sanded down waterway on a 0.047” spacer to allow decking edges to be hidden.




 Figure 8 shows the outside of the hull section showing from the top the sheer strake in mahogany the gun port planking, the upper planking of a wood called Jatoba. Just below is the black strake and the wale, both painted black.   Below the planks are mahogany.


I plan to use the jatoba to provide a contrast on the interior bulkheads and on the rear deck.  For the main deck I am planning to use oak.


I stained the planks with Watco Danish Oil and was very pleased with the results.  I tried varnish made from urethane and did not like the gloss.  Since the Danish Oil contains a varnish, I plan to go with that. 

Also, I painted the wale black.  For the model, I plan to use a dark mahogany stain rather than black paint.



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Thanks to several members who gave help in uploading photos.




The photo above was taken about December 16, 2014.  I was well on my way in the planking process.




The finished work on basswood planking. 

Here is a view of the model as of today, January 23, 2015. 



All planking with .025 walnut, oak and jatoba is yet to come.



I have been studying material on planking to improve on the walnut on the lower hull to have as good a look as possible.  I am using DAP DryDex spackling for fill in some low spots and gaps in the hull.  More cleanup is required before I continue planking. 


I soaked the basswood planks for up to several hours before applying to the hull with cyano adhesive.  It worked well except in the bow area where the wet planks went straight from bulkhead to bulkhead in a relatively straight line creating a depression.  If I do this style of construction again I will place basswood fillers between bulkheads to provide a "fair" bend where the curvature takes place.

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To upload photos, There is a link at the bottom of the editor "More Reply Options", click on this. It will open up a more advanced editor. At the bottom is a button "Choose Files". This will open the dialog to upload files. Once the file is uploaded, there will be a link "Add to Post" beneath the file name. This will add text that looks like: (square bracket)attachment=210587:Strong_Back.jpg(square bracket)

You can place this anywhere in your text. There is a button "Preview Post" that will load up what you have typed with the images so you can get an idea how it looks. If you are still having problem PM me and maybe we can figure this out.


Al are you still on active duty?


Good Luck,

Edited by Kevin from Hampton Roads


Hampton, VA




Current Builds: Skipjack Albatross - 1:32


On Hold: Yacht Atlantic - Scientific


Completed:  Ships Boat - MS - First Planked Kit

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  • 4 months later...

It has been several months since I last posted on this build log.  However, I have been busy but without much photographic evidence except for these photos as I have completed the walnut second-planking.  My sister-in-law is an expert quilter and says that small mistakes are called "sparklers".  So I have a number of sparklers in this my first build. 


I used Jatoba wood as the accent strip along the gun ports. 


I finished the wood with Watco Danish Oil natural.  I am very pleased with the results.


I finished the main-mast and the bowsprit so that I could visualize how they fit into the deck plan.  Worked out pretty well. [Last photo]


Now I move on to finishing the deck area.




Edited by albeader
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  • 1 year later...


 It has been a while since I last posted the results on this site.   Been busy doing some software programming and other things but I have completed quite a bit on the model. 





 This photo shows the process of stepping the mast.   I added two-part epoxy into the slot provided in the frame and then placed the completed mast into the slot.   I chose to mount the ship on pedestals and that this is a temporary plate.   After squaring the mast I secured it in place using the temporary lines attached to the plate.





 The main hatch and the grill for the cooking area are finished and I'm waiting until the mast is completely fixed in this position to add these.

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Bit too late since you've got it epoxied, but I didn't glue my mast in place at all, it's held entirely by the rigging, and it's very secure.  I also left the bowsprit off completely until the last possible moment so that it would not be in the way (and subject to myself breaking it through being clumsy).


Interesting that you planked over the area where the hatches go, do you plan to just stick the hatches on top of the planking rather than butting the planking up to them, or are you going to cut out the areas where they go?

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  • 1 month later...

This is my first model and what did I know when I started.  I shaped the hatches and placed them directly over the planking.  


I did epoxy the mast in place and then added the topmast.  That was a mistake and fitting the shrouds and forestay would have been easier without it. 


I will be adding a photo soon as I am almost done with the standing rigging.  

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