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  1. 82

    Very nice work. Love the sails
  2. IMG 0897

    Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Shenandoah10

    great model and pictures
  4. 7

    Nicely done!! Like your rope coils. What scale is your carronade? Bill
  5. 18th Century Carronade

    I used Testers spray enamel black matt in a can. Bill Lell
  6. 18th Century Carronade

    Blocks and hooks are scratch built. Rope is from Syren Ship Model Company
  7. 1:17 Scale Mantua Art 801 by WLELL
  8. IMG 2725 (1000x750)

    Very nicely done!!! One of the best. Thank you for the pictures. Bill
  9. HMS Victory 005

    Beautiful work. Excellent attention to details.
  10. Longboat with modified paint scheme.