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  1. The monographs give a good history of the ship and depending on the monograph, detailed plans with lots of notes on the ship's construction.. There's some monographs only suitable for solid hull as they don't have any below deck info. Others, give you everything in the way of plans... including framing. Note of caution.. these monographs are basically how the full size ship was built and are really not an instruction manual on "do this... do this next, etc." Having said all that... the monographs are definitely wonderful books for reading and great reference works.
  2. After cleaning up the shipyard a bit, here goes.... New framing wood has been ordered but due to Jeff at Hobbymill's schedule it won't be here until late (very late) April. I'm planning on using up my existing stock of swiss pear, ebony, pear, silver maple, and cherry and maybe some boxwood if I see fit. At this stage, I'm poring over the plans and notating such things as wale, gunport, and deck clamp locations on the individual frame drawings as I'm planning on putting some reference points on the frames physically as I cut them. This should solve some of my previous issues.. With 60 frames, this is going to take a bit. I have a new build board laid out and prepped but not cut. The frame reference board is ready to go. I'm still making a final decision on whether to stick with cherry or go with boxwood for the keel, stem, and stern items. Version 1.0 sits forlornly in another part of the shipyard waiting for various bits and pieces to be cannibalized. I'll be re-using my old fabricated measuring tools and making some new ones. Hopefully, by the time the framing stock arrives, all the plans will be annotated and scanned, all the bits and pieces from V 1.0 will be cannibalized, and bunches of new bits will be fabricated and then ready and waiting. It's time to do this beast right and proper... and to have some fun doing it.
  3. Kenny, If you haven't done it.. make copy of anything your using to cut like the frames. It may save you some grief if you mess up a frame. Just the voice of experience here.
  4. A very versatile tool. I've used it for tapering my planking as well assorted odds and ends where I needed a small power sander.
  5. I'm seeing a few more than the one or two every couple of days but not all. Maybe the dam is breaking? Correction.... I'm on AOHell..... it does appear the dam has broke.
  6. Pat, Try here:
  7. Attempted but....
  8. Don't restart it.... Chuck mentioned they're holding log in a deleted bin because of accidents like this. Just PM them.
  9. Dave, Ping Chuck, Dubz, or Jim Hatch. Looks like you deleted the whole log and only they can restore it.
  10. Plastic is easy... it's the PE that's hard, Carl. You're doing great with it.
  11. Welcome to the wonderful of "re-do's" or "do-overs". It pretty much seems to be a way of life around here.
  12. Not a "little progress", Giampiero but a great progress. Looking superb.
  13. Thanks Gérard and Daniel. The height surprised me also but I did a dummy cutout and that is what fits. Moxis, you have the right one which fits what Gérard said about it being the top one in my picture.
  14. I'm sort of stuck here. I'm seeing two different styles of carriages for the French 8-pdr cannon. I'm also under the impression that this applied to the 4-pdr's also. See picture. The upper one has both axle trees connected by a beam and the side supports sit on the axletrees. Note the rounded cutout at the bottom of side support. The lower one has a large "plank", if you will, that side sit on and then this is affixed to the axletrees. Which would be right for for the 1760's-1770's? I have detailed plans for both and just need to find out which one to use.
  15. The old lanterns were either large candles although some were oil fed via a wick down either in the Great Cabin, or the deck below it. So, the flame would have been yellow. This era was before the red/green navigation lights and the lanterns were more for position within the fleet at night. There was somewhere, a small lantern that would come out after dark for a couple of hours to inidicate it was ok for the crew to break out their pipes and smoke... the smoking lamp. So clear glass and not colored. If illuminating via LED, then use a yellow one.
  16. Erik, PM Pete48. He's built a number of these boats (they're in the scratch area). If you want to see them, look at his activity on the profile and pick "topics" after "view all activity". Or, just search "Herreshoff".
  17. I love your raised growing boxes... or garden beds... Whatever they're called..... love them. I've been giving something like that a thought for our place.
  18. Email AL. Use Google translate to translate into Spanish as apparently they don't respond much to English emails.
  19. Hello Dave,