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  1. An interesting read, Frolick with an interesting perspective. At face value, it would appear that some think the US played a bit of mind game/deception on the British. I reference the "50 gun ship" comment. And there may have been some mis-feeding the news media of the day based on Hull's statements in the papers. The basic question the author keeps wanting to ask (from my perception) is was it a "fair fight"? Why would a "fair fight" be wanted in the first place? War isn't fair nor is it a gentleman's sport.
  2. Little Johnny gets all dressed for Halloween Tricking and Treating as pirate. At the first house he goes to, an elderly lady answers the door, loudly exclaims "Oh what an adorable and cute pirate" gives him a big hug. She then sets him back on the ground, looks around and asks: "Well.. where are your buccaneers?" To which he replies: "Under by Buccanhat!" and runs off. Ok... I've got my hat and coat... I'll go quietly.
  3. Fine grind it, Alex with a pepper grinder. It can get pretty small with one of those.
  4. Well... that's a bit of problem, as such, that's been around for awhile. The like is a replacement for the "nice work" comments. One way is look at the logs of others building the same (or similar) ship and ask questions or make comments. Most will answer and reciprocate. I guess I should add that it's tough to read and comment on everypost. So many each day.
  5. Hot yesterday (103 F), hotter today (106 F) and bit cooler tomorrow (102 F) then next week it will drop to the meer 90's. The nice part is that it's low humidity and when the sun starts going down, the temperature drops rapidly as tonight it will hit the 60's.
  6. Welcome to MSW, Edd. Do a search on the keyword "Restore" and one on "Restoration" and I think you'll see several others that are either done or in work along with the advice offered. Also, open your own log as it will be the best way to get help when you need it and also let us look over your shoulder.
  7. I too find these accounts fascinating as they not only give insight as to the battles themselves, but also into the character of the men.
  8. As I recall, and I'm not sure which reference book had it, but here's link to a discussion:
  9. Look on line Bill. I've bought the stuff in large bags in the past for other projects. Or... ask your dentist about buying some off him/her.
  10. That one brings back not so fond memories of when I worked in engineering as a tech writer. Thanks for stirring up old nightmares.
  11. Hello Alain,
  12. Jeff, Your old profile "jdbradford" exists. Have you tried logging on using that? If it's a password issue, contact an admin.
  13. Bob, If you don't get an answer in a few days or so, try asking it here: I haven't a clue as I've not had a serious look at the English ships.
  14. Had the doctor appointment today... heart good with minor issue consistent with age, check, lungs.. will be ok (or not get any worse) if I stop smoking... check (working on it). brain... there is some "damage" but could be from an old whack on the head... check. Vision is back, hands are steady as she goes, and it seems to be firing on all cylinders with an occasional miss now and then. I'll testing myself hopefully this weekend. Next doctor visit scheduled for 6 months out. Thanks for all the good thoughts and well wishes. They made this trial a lot easier to get through.
  15. Do some Googling and see if Nikon offers some upgraded software. They (hopefully) have some available.
  16. How the yard was rigged to the mast does not have a one-size fits all answer. Depends on year of the rigging (they did change with time), the country, the size of the yard and mast. Probably not the answer you wanted but it's the best I've got. Perhaps someone else can pop in a better answer.
  17. Since you're using the Golden Hind as your base, go with it. The only real visible difference was that a pirate ships flew a flag... when they did.. some but not all. Some were upgunned with more guns but basically they wanted to look like the ships they wanted to capture. Some would fly English colors to get in close to an English ship, French for French, etc. Early stealth tech as such.
  18. Dave, That is excellent news on the cancer. BTW, one is never to old to rock and roll... ask Mick Jagger. Thanks to all for your well wishes. The stroke was a small one and basically a "warning shot across the bow" So a few livestyle changes are starting. I'm still testing myself as to ship building.
  19. Keith, Somewhere around here is topic on building a case. I've not found it yet and I'm not sure where I saw it. Many logs include the building of a case, but the search yealded something like 44 pages of hits.
  20. Thanks for the support and well wishes, everyone from myself and Janet. I'm worried about Jessie, John, and some others more than myself at this point. My stroke was "minor" as such with a full recovery expected. Other problems.. they'll get dealt with as the Docs sort it out. The community here at MSW has always been amazing to me because of the people and the sharing of ideas, joy, and sorrow. I hope it never changes as the support goes beyond ships touches everyone.
  21. Keith, Hit Lowes. They had a book on display cases. Otherwise, give me a few days and I'll get you some pics of the display cases I have. One, my dad built and the other I bought from a custom furniture place.
  22. Just curious.... have you had a look at the planking tutorials here: ? I'm thinking you're working on the hull planking.
  23. Frank, I'm with the others... a build log would work well in the scratch area. Hope we'll see it soon.