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  1. We could pull that bench up that greg keeps outside, sit at the back but hope greg puts some screens up so we can see. OC.
  2. Im loving the grey shade of your planks (is it natural or bleached) it is just what I was hoping to achieve with my deck planks. Really nice work. OC.
  3. Thought it rude of me not to say hi and have a nose at your build, you are braver than me doing a scratch build. OC.
  4. More work on the main deck today, I decided against ageing the planks - instead I just sanded them to blend them together, then after blowing of any dust, I mixed up some flat top coat diluted about 40% and applied a few coats. I think this is ok for the deck. OC.
  5. Hiya mark, glad to see you are back on the build, your work has been missed around here, hope you dont mind if I move my chair a bit closer watching your build, as we share a similar build and I hope to learn more from a genuine talented person like your self. OC.
  6. Thanks mark, the planks are already fitted on the deck so what ever I do will have to be in a controled manner and kept tidy, I had heard a bout a wire wool and vinegar trick, painting that onto the planks - and making sure they were sealed afterwards. OC.
  7. Follks how do you age your decks on your wood builds, as wood that has been exposed to the elements even if looked after, goes a grey color with age. OC.
  8. Right folks a bit more work on the deck today, above I asked about filling any gaps between the deck boards, well I tried the idea of diluted PVA and wood dust, first I sanded down a couple of scrap deck strips onto rough sand paper, and collected the dust in a cup, then I mixed some PVA with a little water to make a milk thikness, then I used a small paintbrush and brushed into the gaps (one at a time) the pva then with the same brush I dipped it into the dust and rubbed it into the gaps. I did this into each gap then re applied to make sure the gaps were filled, I then put the hull
  9. I should have commented way back then mark - but yes its my pleasure having you follow my work back then and still now. OC.
  10. What I found/find useful for sanding is those decorators sanding sponges (basically sand paper wrapped around a square sponge) they are great as they are flexible and bend with the hull shape, so you can get a nice smooth finish. OC.
  11. Thank you so much for the compliment and having a look over my build, its been a while since we last spoke, any ideas how I can fill a few of the gaps yet still retain the caulking look. OC.
  12. Hi folks, I had a good day on the build today - spent most of the afternoon continuing with the deck planking, this involved some quite intricate cuts and shaping, I think it has gone quite well just a few small gaps that should fill when I do some sanding to bring it all nice and level. OC.
  13. Excellent Excellent work greg I take my hat off to you they look Absolutely Superb. Well done. OC.
  14. Nice and tidy very claen work, what I did to support the skeleton was a length of 2/1" timber and made some blocks to support the false keel. OC.
  15. Thanks mate, I thought working on wood planks would be easier than PE parts at silly scale, kind of theraputeic and give my hands a bit of a rest, while still doing something. OC.
  16. Hello again folks I decided to give my Warsite a little rest and do some more work on my wood build, first off I had to dust her down as I have not done anything to her for many years, all was still intact so I got my bits together and decided to continue with the deck planking. I first finished off the edge planks that are a slightly darker shade than what I was using before, but that wont matter to much, after a bit of measuring they were fitted both sides and held in place while the PA set. I also decided to carry on with the planking. So sofar I have done another length of
  17. Well done rescusing the decal situation "boy do I remember those annoying situations with decals" they just always seem to break up - fix where you dont want them or leave a silvering edge around them. She is coming on really well (dont foreget she is an old model not the same as modern kits) so you are deffo doing a grand job. OC.
  18. Looking great very tidy and those ribs sure look aligned, is it dry fitted or glued? OC.
  19. What a great idea tackling section by section including painting, its easier that way to get a quality job in a controled area at a time. OC.
  20. Sand it off using a sanding stick thats been smoothed a bit to loose a bit of its grit, thats what I do. OC.
  21. Looking Superb Danny really really good i think card is the ultimate in skill as it is so delicate, you are the master at this for sure. OC.
  22. Wonder what that model in the museum archives is based on - is it a later version perhaps an update of SoS? OC.
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