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Dust collection and extraction

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Hi All,


Need some advice on what kind/size/brands of dust collection and extraction systems you all use and would recommend.

I just moved and now my workshop will be in my basement, so keeping dust down will be a big thing.

The back workshop is a 12x25 space, this is where the really dirty tools will be located, 14" bandsaw, full size table saw, 12" Planer, 6" jointer, thickness sander etc....., I will need a good dust collector in here, maybe 1.5 HP with 4" ducting and blast gates.

Front workshop is a 25x25 space, mainly for modeling tools ( Byrnes ) and other smaller stuff, get away with shop vac and dust extractor??


Any help or advice would be welcome, especially on sizing of units and reviews of good/bad equipment that you have experienced.


Thanks again



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If you buy a vacuum cleaner / shopvac / dust extractor , then also consider the purchase of an Oneida Dust Deputy separator.  I built my own cyclone separator, but at $50 US, this is a good buy for most people.  I don't think you'll regret it:



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Hi Ben.


I too use the dust deputy and it really works well. I filled the collection bin on it and there was almost no dust in the shop vac. Because of this there is no loss of suction. The also have larger set ups should you so desire.


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Hi Ben


I have a 24x26 shop for woodworking and have basically the same equipment you do. I am on my second dust collector which is a 1.5 HP single stage, this works fine for what I use it for. I don't do as much woodworking as I used to so this works just fine. If I get another one I would probably go with a smaller cyclone type collector they are more efficient and easier to empty, especially if you do a lot of planing which creates lots of chips.


For my modeling area which is in the house I use a Fein dust extractor which I just love. It is quiet and variable speed but more expensive than the typical shop vac. It is so much quieter than a shop vac which is great for inside the house. The dust deputy basically turns it into a two stage system catching almost all the dust and debris before getting to the vac keeping the filter cleaner and easy to empty.



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I have two sets of Shop-Vac Modular Workshop Sawdust Collection System, part # 8017562.  They are the clear 4" tubes that include blast gates, tee's, and elbows.  These are great for hooking up every machine in the shop.  I got them from Amazon.  You will also need some flex hose for the hook-ups.


Bob W 

Bob Wescott

South Jersey

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I use the device shown in the attached photos.  Plug the tool into the appropriate outlet (marked 'TOOL'), and the vac into the other outlet.  Set the power switch of the vac to ON.  When you start your power tool the vac also starts.  When you turn off the tool the vac continues to run for several seconds to clear any residual dust, then powers down.  This way you don't need to hear the vac running when you don't need it.


                                     post-331-0-89806700-1449886948_thumb.jpg              post-331-0-38799400-1449886983_thumb.jpg

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I had a small shopvac the kind that hangs on the wall. The filter would clog with the least amount of clean-up.  I bought the Oneida Dust Deputy separator and mounted it on a five gallon paint bucket.  I took the shopvac apart and mounted the motor on top where the shopvac hose would go.  Is it loud? Of course it’s loud but so is the floor vacuum used in the house.  It’s not pretty either but on the other hand it works like a champ.



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Here's a pic of my shopbuilt mini-cyclone system.  From top to bottom, a buckethead vac with a HEPA filter, the cyclone, and a 5 gallon collection bucket. It's attached to the wall and  takes up about one square foot of floorspace.  It can almost suck my socks off without clogging.


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