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Baby Gar Speedboat (1929) by overdale - scale 1/12. - Finished

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This subject is the next in a series for a client who buys and restores old speedboats and cruisers.

It's a 1929 33 foot Baby Gar speedboat which will measure 33 inches (hopefully) when complete. I'm afraid it's all rather rough at the moment but I have reached the staining phase and with some time and a  lot of coats of varnish it might finish up ok!




Basic frames and first planking.




Plywood skin for the decks.




Mahogany outer planking.


post-739-0-22172700-1363634121_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-59480100-1363634142_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-01162100-1363634165_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-49205500-1363634188_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-76288600-1363634231_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-53221700-1363634252_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-03682200-1363634275_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-92548300-1363634295_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-04326900-1363634317_thumb.jpgpost-739-0-44355400-1363634363_thumb.jpg How it should look when finished. A similar boat.post-739-0-18286300-1363634386.jpg




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Daniel the model is looking really great, will it actually see the wet stuff?



Hi Michael,

no, sadly it's just for looking at. The client has the real thing.!  I would love to see it perform though. I am currently fitting all the chrome trim, windscreen propeller and rudder etc. and then it goes into the case. The only thing holding me up is the name. He hasn't come up with one yet so I can't get my decal guy to print something..  Then it's off to Connecticut to deliver it and see what he has in store for me next!


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Very nice Dan, the finished boat looks beautiful. Is the case glass or acrylic?




Thanks Michael,

it's a glass case.  The second that had to be built as the first wasn't tall enough.!  The first in a series of setbacks which included, the decal on the stern was misspelled twice, the nameplate was misspelled once and the whole thing had to be resprayed several times..! I think this project was my 'Jonah'

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