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Robert Wiltsie a Hudson River Sloop by NJQUACK - 1:87 - Finished

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The subject of this build comes from the book “The Sloops of the Hudson River” by Paul E. Fontenoy.











Plan 4 from the book will be used.  It is “Sloop Robert Wiltsie, built by William Dickey at Nyack,



New York, in 1836.  Lines taken off original half model by Charles G. Davis;  head, stern, 



and deck details reconstructed.  (YACTHING, FEBRUARY 1933)”












I have decided to build this ship out of Bamboo.  I have a small grove in the back yard which will 



provide the material.  I splits easy using a pair of wire cutters.  A finishing plane and sandpaper 



are used to square up planks and timbers.

































































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I would like to thank everybody for their likes and comments.


The keel, stem post, stern post and dead wood have been created and glued.

I’ve now started working on the frames.  I have to take care to prevent unwanted splits also 

I’m finding carving tools (chisels, finishing plane, cooping saw) are working out better than 

more conventional hobby tools (number 11 blades etc.).












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Cutting the lengths are easy, I use a pair of wire cutters.  A good crimp will cause a nice split down the length.  Once the split has started just pull it apart.

A finishing plane and sand paper are use to complete the plank.

From my bamboo I can get 9 inch (230 mm) lengths.



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Thanks for the explanation Walter. From what I can gather you could laminate the bamboo to make your own beams, lumber and even plywood. Beams and plywood made from bamboo would be incredibly strong, I find this very interesting. The keel you made Walter is likely tougher than anything out there, warping would likely be kept to a minimum.

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