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Le Rochefort 1787 by Niklas - 1:36

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Been holding on to this monograph for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. I will mostly use pear wood, maybe switch to boxwood when it's time to plank the hull - I probably have a year or two before I need to decide that...


Here is a quick start:  









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Hi Niklas. I too will pull up a chair and have a nice pilsen beer. The rising wood looks beautiful. I am going to have to get one of your milling machines when I start on my ship. A wonderful toy.


Mike Y, the 'holes' are for mortice and tenon joints for the 'fourchettes' (crotch frames) aft. If you look close, you can see the rising wood has cut-outs on the top surface, but not on the sides like the middle portion does. To seat the very straight (approaching vertical) heels of the fourchette frames, the bottom edges of the frames faired directly to the outer edges of the rising wood and positioned by mortice and tenon, on center.


The hole could be round, or it could be rectangular; however the yard-dogs wanted to do it.




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Finally found some building time on my Rochefort. I made a promise to myself to do all the frames before summer ends and have only two left (not including the scary ones at bow and stern…) After that there will a lot of faring to do. Here’s some quick pics where I am right now.



rochefort 12.jpeg

rochefort 13.jpeg

rochefort 11.jpeg

rochefort 14.jpeg

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