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Vasa kit


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The Vasa from Billing boats is a good kit.
But with allot of extra work before you get a good model.
Once the plastic figures are painted.
What is then the difference with bronze figures? i dont now.
I am building the Wasa from Billing also

View my model on :



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I have built the Corel & Sergal versions. Corel`s is by far the worst - very poor cast figures,poorly shaped stern,etc.,etc. Sergal`s is quite large & better than Corel`s - all decorations are cast bronze,but many are not accurate although better than Corel`s. Both need a LOT of work to get even close to correct. For the price & accuracy it looks like the Billings kit is probably the best.



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Trouble with Billings kits is that one has to replace or provide new or better materials. I don't have much luck with metal decorative fittings. Even BlueJackets nice soft metal ccastings give me fits. Its ironic because the Billings kits are so beautifully packaged. The best Billings kit for me was the Oseberg Viking ship and even then felt the need to replace the decorative carving at the bow and stern.   Bill

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I built the Billings Danmark and WOW, what a set of fittings that was, I was really impressed with the kit from start to finish. The hull planking was the easiest that I had ever done. I t was just a beautiful kit that made into a beautiful model. But like I always say, a kit is a kit is a kit, it's up to the modeler to make that kit into the best representation that he or she can and if that means replacing some or even half the kit then that is what it will have to be.




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I've done the Billing's kit although it was the one offered about 15 years ago.  Replace the plastic grates with wood and locate some planking for the dieck.  The plastic figures aren't bad and paint up well.  The nice thing is that with some careful warming, the ones that need to be bent to fit the galleries can easily be worked to fit the curves.


There's more than one log here on this kit and here's one that finished.... he do a lot of bashing to bring it up to the latest research by the Museum.. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/1815-wasan-1628-by-nazgul-billing-boats-vasa-175-finished/

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check the various logs here for both Billing boats and Corel models and see how these are modified.


through information from the Vasa Museum we have been informed about this new kit:




not sure when available in each country, but this will be a subscription modell with every month some new packages.


for the design of this modell there has been direct input from the museum, so this is expected to be a more correct version.


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The link for the Model of Wasa from EditionAtlas, partner of the DeAgustini company, is something I will consider.

This model has been created together with staff of the Swedish Museum to provide the most accurate kit ever.

The kit is in subscription format of a total of 36 "issues", each running at SEK 49.00 plus SEK 49.00 for shipping, this only applies for Sweden.

I will make an attempt to get in contact with them for information regarding international shipping, if possible.

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I have seen various kits from this company HMSVicory and Souverin of the Seas and thesr are very good kits. Only problem is that it takes approx 2 years before all items are received

This may not be a problem, as you will have time to build an amazing ship not having all the parts in front of you taunting you to a "bad" job.

I think this is helpful if you want to go slow but still get great result. As for Vasa considering it is a 36 part built, that means 3 years.

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I have subscripted for this model since it looks very interesting. As the Vasa museum has been part of the design so should the model be very good. However on the photos of the parts so looks the gun very weird, fat and short. Is this the right shape of it? if not so may i redraw my subscription becouse how is then the rest of the model? There are no rewievs or Picture of it, only the 1:10 model at the museum.... Any thougts of this?




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I were on my way to bed when my outlook inbox chimed for a new message.

So I got a reply from the Swedish side related to the kit of the VASA.


As it is for now; There are no options for shipping to USA.


Well at least I got a reply, which is helpful.

But to bad I can't get the kit, unless I use my fathers address in Sweden.....and have it forward.

Besides the dollar is getting cheaper vs. the Swedish kronor for the moment

 hehe ;)

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