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HMC Sherbourne by Jörgen - Caldercraft - 1:64

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Here is the result of one of the gun ports. The upper part will be hidden under the lid later.



The inside look like this, but when sanded down it looks good.



Then I of course (again...) start to ponder over the red color. 


but I think it will be to dark (admiralty to the left and Vallejo to the right)  so for now i am sticking with the Vallejo flat red because I think it will be very good against the all of the black that will come later.


The gun ports  required some putty and I have started to use this one from Deluxe. It is very simple to use and when dried you take away the excess with small amount of water.


I will use the supplied wood for the deck to rebuild the inside walls.


But first so need the front close gun port be fixed so it looks good from the inside.  


And here is the result. I have used some wood sand fixer (or what it is called...) becouse I want to use primer and then paint on the inside. The gap you see made it possible for me to get a very tight fit of the wood against the stem post and the rear bulks. This gap will later be covered with the supports for the windlast.  



Now i need to do the other side.....






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Neat work on the gunports. Don't forget to check the height (top and bottom) with the guns by putting in temporary decking before you finalise them. You can use cardboard cutouts of the profile of the guns in their carriages. I remember the ports giving some trouble in this adjustment.



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I will use cannons from RB model and when I bought them some years ago I bought them with carriages. I will not use this because I want to do my own but as long as I keep the dimensions of them so will it be ok. It will look something like this:



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Hi all, a small update. I have to little time to spend on the Sherbourne:(

How ever I have finished the inside planking and sprayed inside with Tamiya grey surface primer. There is two reasons for this. The first is to give the red color a uniform light background (there are big different between the dark Walnut and the brighter inboard planking. The difference will be seen in the red color. 

The second reson is to find all of the areas that need to be fix before the red color. Quite many of them... 



This is all for now. Have also lot of boring sanding work to do on my Focke Wulf 190 D9....

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Hi again


Have manage to do some more work. The inner hull is now painted and the color ended up to be Admiralty Red Ochre and I really feels that this is the right color. It is little bit bright red on the photo but it is darker in reality. 


I like the color contrast between the red and the dark brown and black. (some touch ups is still needed:) )


I then made transom knee (i think it is called) on the stern. Here will also bee some belaying points. They are not on the kits drawing but I follow Lennart Peterssons book Rigging Period Fore and aft craft.  Here is how I done them.

First I did templates in stiff paper. I started with the little complicated angles.


Then I glued the templates on wood and sand down to the right form.


I glued (very little) the wood parts together and applied the outer form and the sand it to shape in my milling machine. 


After priming, filling priming and airbrushing this is the result. Maybe to much primer and color... Don't mind the shiny color, it has not totally set yet.


I also added details in the stem in the same way as above. The parts are false post and a deck hook. Here I followed Dubs Sherbourne because I really like these details. I think they add a "deep" to the model.


 This is all for now. Have some  touch ups to do tomorrow and then will I start to focus on the drift rails. 

Edited by Jörgen

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Thank you Jon and Henrik. The master pieces on this site (for example La Créole by archjofo) is so full of details so it blow your mind. I am hence also trying to add as much as I can because I really like the "busy" look. And one reason more is that I want to learn how to craft it it all and every part is practice :) 

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Well done Jörgen, this is exceptional work. I (and probably most) will never achieve this standard but it is inspiring stuff and, for me certainly, it's a standard to strive for. 

Thanks for sharing. 

Best wishes as always. 

The Lazy Saint. 

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