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How to join this "Intro to Carving" group project


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This group area was set up to allow folks to experiment with relief carving as a group.  Share ideas, techniques and advice.


Laser cut carving blanks have been made available for those of you interested in using them.  If everyone uses the same design it will be easier to share ideas and comment about them as a group.  But it is not a requirement.  Feel free to join in with the group if you would rather carve a different pattern and design.  I would ask however that you refrain from using more advanced subjects like figureheads and fully "in-the-round" subjects as it is beyond the scope of this group at this time.




To purchase a set of carving blanks




You will notice a few "pinned topics" at the top of this group area.  These pinned topics were set up as an area for all to discuss those related subjects.  If you have a question or comment related to them please post within those topics so everyone can easily find them later.


Other than those pinned topics, we ask that you only create a mini-carving log of your own.  Please title it  similar to the example listed below.


"Chuck's carving log"


or maybe


"Chucks first attempt at carving"


It will work just like any  other build log.   This forum should not have any topics in it other than the properly named "carving logs" and pinned topics.  Should you want to ask a question or post something,  make sure it is posted in either a log or one of the instructional topics in the tabs above.  Dont start a new topic.  If for whatever reason you guys feel there is a need for a new instructional topic because your discussion doesnt relate to the ones already there....just start another one in the "tutorials and discussions" tab.  You know the drill....this basically works like all of the other group project areas.


See the other tabs above in this group area that have all the tutorials and instructions!!!!


Feel free to ask any questions about this group here.  All questions and comments are appreciated and very helpful.

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Download the pdf here of the carving blank designs.  It shows the designs actual size and also enlarged for clarity.


The crown monogram is the easiest in my opinion and I recommend you start with that one.  You will notice some red lines and arrows on the PDF.....They represent the wood grain and also a cheat sheet for deciding what direction you should slice in and where your stop cuts are located.... 


A more detailed explanation will follow and be placed in the pinned techniques......topic very soon!!!







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Just to let you folks know!!!!   I have just laser cut a bunch more of these carving blanks and they are ready for purchase.   So if anyone hasnt yet joined this group and would like to try out some carving as an introduction......click the link below.


Carving Blanks click here!!!

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This group as well as all of the others are perpetually open.  So feel free to jump into any of them for a nice project with your peers.   I have plenty of carving blanks available at Syren.


This is a great introduction to carving those little elements for your ship model.!!!!

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Thanks Chuck. Just ordered mine from the link you posted. It's a great way to learn to carve and will help me carve the flower on the stern of my Mayflower build.



Current Builds: Mayflower - 1:60; Golden Hind - 1:50

Past Builds: Marie Jeanne, Bluenose, Bluenose II, Oseberg, Roar Ege,

Waiting to Build: Swift


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