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Kit supplied filler blocks.

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Can someone please help me find the answer to this. With your normal PoB style hull, Modelers install filler blocks. These can be very important when planking, So why don't manufactures include them in the kit? Instead of being forced to buy separate wood and then shape them. Just something that struck me the other day and got me thinking. Thanks

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The Model Shipways AVS comes with the basswood for the filler blocks at the bow and the stern.  


The Carmen from Constructo had no real filler blocks for the bow, instead having a couple of boards to build up the keel for better rigidity and larger landing place for the planking.  It did include some wood for the stern shaping at the top.


If you choose to use filler blocks between the other frames for rigidity or backing your planking, then that's on the builder.


So it varies by manufacturer, and by kit.

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There were filler blocks in my MS Charles Morgan and I believe in my Euromodel kits.  My Caldercraft Badger and Amati Pegasus kits didn't include blocks (I don't think the Corel Unicorn has any either).


I think it certainly depends on the manufacturer.  It also depends on how far apart the bulkheads are spaced at the bow and stem.  On my Pegasus kit, for exactly, the bulkhead spacing at the bow and stem was quite small, leading to less need for filler blocks.


Either way, it's pretty easy and cheap to source filler block material if you need it.

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Recently I bought a stick of balsa 1/2"X1/2" X24" and Hobby Lobby for $1.99.

They also had a balsa package. I don't remember the dimension but there was a lot of wood in different sizes for $9.99. That would probably last me a lifetime for filler blocks if needed.


They also have a lot of other stuff useful for a ship modeler with a little imagination. Granted they aren't a "one stop shop" for all of my modeling needs. 

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