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HMS Trincomalee


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Just watched a bit on TV about HMS Trincomalee where she is docked in Hartlepool in the UK. If no one has heard of this ship she is a total beauty and well worth doing a google search on. Would love to know if a model to build exists for this ship anywhere.





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Hi Terry,I'm pretty sure there is not a model kit of this ship. She was a Leda class 38 gun Frigate launched in Bombay in 1817. I would imagine her plans are available from the N.M.M / Royal Museum Greenwich.


I guess you were watching "Flog it" on BBC 2 earlier today  ;)


Dave  :dancetl6:

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Hello Terry,


I think Dave is right. There are no kits available for the Trincomalee.

Admiralty Ship Models and Premier Ship Models are both selling a model of her. So you might try contacting them for plans.





Good luck with your search.




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HMS Shannon, who took the Chesapeake, was a Leda class boat, and Unicorn, which also still exists, is a contemporary of Trincomalee  and also a Leda.  It's pretty lame considering some of the garbage that's offered as kits that there's no kit for these three notable vessels of a very notable class.

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My advice scratch model of her would probably turn better than a kit, nudge! ;)

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there have been several books written about HMS Trincomalee. A used copy of one titles Trincomalee, Nelson's Last Frigate is available on Amazon for about $18; The title is of course a misnomer as Nelson died 12 years before this vessel was built. I don't own this book but those who do give it four stars. I a.gree with Charlie- build her from scratch.



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Hi Terry


I visited the Tincomalee a couple of years ago, I knew her as a hulk in Portsmouth Harbour when I was a lad.

The museum that houses her and the ship itself are well worth a visit, I was very impressed.

I captured a bunch of photos and posted them on the site under NRG news, here is a link if anyone is interested.





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Greetings all

Yes it's well worth a visit, I have been to see it three times in the past few months and I live a ten minute walk from it. There is also a small museum on the site relating to the history of Hartlepool, and the restored PPS Wingfield Castle Paddle Steamer. I am not sure if it is used as a cafe, but it a real mess and looks like it's been neglected. I remember the Trincomalee arriving in Hartlepool in late 1980, and it was called the HMS Foudroyant but as most of you will know it had a name change to the Trincomalee. if you don't want to drive here, the best bet is Kings Cross direct to Hartlepool, no changes on the grand central train. Only three hours. I have lots of photos of the ship including below deck if you want me to post any, but I know lots have been posted before. If you come don't mention the hanging of the monkey, as we still have some rope left over. I am off now, I am going to Greenwich on Saturday for a look around the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime museum. My sons house is a 30 minutes DLR run from Greenwich. I am spoilt. If you need any info about the trinc or visiting just give me a bell. Just noticed POMPEY 2 has posted about 1000 dam photos of it !!!!!! It's a waste of time me posting any LOL . Cheers DAVID




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Living in the town as well I echo David's comments. Hartlepool may seem a bit of a backwater, but the Trincomalee and what is now the Royal Navy Museum of the North is well worth a visit - it is now run by the same museum group as Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and HMS Victory, so hopefully we will see deeper connections over the coming years and a greater exchange of exhibits as part of the maritime experience.


In terms of the Trincomalee Chris Watton was considering a Leda kit, so fingers crossed, given there were 46 in the class that opens a lot of options. Too late for me I'm scratching a POB Trincomalee (I'll have to start a build log). I had the drawings for the Leda class a few years ago when visiting the Unicorn, they were £5.00 per sheet then, considerably less than the NMM, so worth enquiring if you visit Trincomalee's sister.



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Some pics I found online over the years showing Trin out of her dock, in drydock, and other a-typical angles.


I never did get why they set her up with the yards in the set positions.










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Just found this thread.


The HMS Trincomalee trust used to do a set of plans. I know this as I have a set. But I could not find them on a quick look on the web. Most are at, I think, 1/144 scale and would not be sufficient to make a model. There at 10 A4 sheets giving deck plans and frames and a single A3 sheet giving an overall drawing including masts and some rigging. One of the A4 sheets is a body plan at, again I think, 1/48 scale. The problem is that most of the sheets, although well drawn do not show a scale. The A3 sheet gives  a scale of 1/8" to 1 foot, but it is obvious that that is the scale it was originally drawn at and it has been reduced.


Having these would greatly reduce what other more expensive plans were required. I cannot remember what I paid for these, but it was minimal. Defiantly less than £10.


A word of warning, if doing a search on the Royal museums Greenwich collections its spelt Trinocomalee. Its easier to search for Leda.




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I like many before me, knew the ship when at Portsmouth as a 16 year old. An old hulk. When I heard that she'd been refurbed to original configuration I went up to Hartlepool. Wow, you can imagine my reaction even before going into the dock seeing it re-masted. So good, I went again a couple of years later. Great memories of the ship and learning to sail over a full week of Easter 1969. Perhaps not so sparkling as when first re-furbed but I tell people to go and have a look at her all the time.

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