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Continental Galley Washington 1776 by Eddie - NRG's Plans - Scale 1:48 - POF Scratch Build

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Hey howya goin all, this will be my forth build log of a ship.    :bird-vi:


I bought these plan from NRG's website <--- Click here, I got this to help support the site and give me my first try at scratch building. It is a good first scratch build ship to cut your teeth on, I do recommend it, it's not to expensive aswell, you get 10 sheets of plans with all the frames already worked out for you, you can download the timber list and a monograph on how to build her.


I will be building this ship just after I start my longboats, one thing good about getting this from NRG is the timber list is already done for you, all I have to do is decide what kind of timber I want to use and I've been thinking about this alot, Iv'e decided to use Castello Boxwood for most of it, and ebony wales and railing, don't know yet what to use for the decking maybe holly.


LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS just a few things you will find in the monograph
Figure 1 - Building Board 9                                           Figure 2 - Keel Construction 10                              Figure 3 - Finishing the Keel 10   
Figure 4 - Bow Construction 10                                   Figure 5 - Stern Construction                                  Figure 6 - Placing Keel on Building Board 11
Figure 7 - Alignment Fixture at Bow 11                       Figure 8 - Square Frame Detail 12                          Figure 9 - Placement of Midship Frame 12
Figure 10 - Frame Alignment Procedure 12                 Figure 11 - Frame Construction Detail 13               Figure 12 - Aft Frame Bevel Detail 13
Figure 13 - Square Half Frames at Bow 14                  Figure 14 - Square Half Frames at Stern 14           Figure 15 - Installation of Gun Deck Transom 14
Figure 16 - Installation of Cant Frames 15                  Figure 17 - Installation of Counter Timbers 15        Figure 18 - Installation of Transom Beam 15
Figure 19 - Installation of Quarter Deck Transom       Figure 20 - Stern Transom Completed                    Figure 21 - Bow Cant Frame Installation 17
                  and Filling Pieces 16
Figure 22 - Hawse Piece Installation 17                      Figure 23 - Bow Completed 17                               Figure 24 - Keelson at Bow 18
Figure 25 - Keelson at Stern 18                                   Figure 26 - Keelson at Midship 18                           Figure 27 - Hull Framing and Deck Clamps 19
Figure 28 - Main Mast Step Installation 19                  Figure 29 - Mast and Capstan Step Locations 20    Figure 30 - Limber Passage at Midship 20
Figure 31 - Limber Strake and Board                           Figure 32 - Limber Strake and Board                      Figure 33 - Thickstuff and Planking at Midship 22 
                  Installation 21                                                              Installation at Stern 22          
Figure 34 - Thickstuff and Planking                             Figure 35 - Breasthook Installation 23                    Figure 36 - Crutch and Riding Bitt Installation 24         
                  Installation 23
Figure 37 - Elevation of Platform at Midship 24          Figure 38 - Platform Installation 25                         Figure 39 - Well Assembly 26
Figure 40 - Well Installation 26                                   Figure 41 - Shot Locker Assembly and
                                                                                                      Installation 27
Figure 42 - Stove Assembly 27                                    Figure 43 - Stove Assembly and Installation 28       Figure 44 - Hold Components Completed 28  
Figure 45 - Gun Deck 29                                             Figure 46 - Deck Beam 29                                        Figure 47 - Gun Deck at Well Location 30



The Continental Galley Washington was a lateen-rigged, two-masted row galley built in the autumn of 1776 on Lake Champlain at Skenesboro N.Y. On October 6 1776, she joined the small fleet established and commanded by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold. The fleet consisted of schooners Royal Savage, Revenge and Liberty. Also the sloop Enterprise, and 8 gundalows outfitted as gunboats: New Haven, Providence, Boston, Spitfire, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Jersey, New York, and the cutter Lee. Washington was among three row galleys built, the others being the Congress and Trumbull. During the Battle Arnold commanded the fleet from the galley Congress.


A couple of pics of the plans.




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Hey howya goin Michael mate, nice to have you along too mate. It will be about two months to three months before I start her.  The timber takes about 20 business days to cut, about two weeks to get to Australia and I think about two weeks to clear customs if I remember right from someone telling me. :bird-vi:

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Hi Eddie,


First time Scratchbuild eh? She looks a bit easier than my first one - 16 gun HMS Vulture :) . Nowhere near the amount of masting and rigging :) .


The only difficulty I foresee is the very bluff bow - it'll takes some serious bending to get the planks around. I'd strongly advise AGAINST using Ebony for the Wales - I used it on mine and it was a real pain to work with, dirty as hell to sand and it's VERY difficult to bend even around Vulture's sharper bow. I doubt I'll ever use it again, a better solution is to simply stain whatever timber you finish up getting. Staining MUST be done before fitting the planks though, a bit of minor touchup after fitting them is OK.


Ironically, my Vulture was the ship that Benedict Arnold fled capture on when he turned "traitor" :D .


Have fun with this build, I'll tag along. BTW - who are you getting your timber from?


:cheers:  Danny

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Hey howya goin Danny mate, yeah I know how hard Ebony is, I'll steam bend it, I do like a challenge, I'll have to make a new steamer set up my last steamer I left were I uses to work many many years ago.    :bird-vi:




4 hours ago, Dan Vad said:

First time Scratchbuild eh? She looks a bit easier than my first one - 16 gun HMS Vulture

Yeah I remember when you started that one, I was new to MSW forums, I asked you if you wouldn't mind me making the same one as I could follow your build as a guide for mine, but I never ended up make it. All these years and I still haven't scratch build a ship, I picked these scratch build ship because I didn't want to do any research on it, I just love to build. I was going to scratch build the Rattlesnake by Harold M. Hahn for my first one, there was these rooms on the plans I didnt know what they looked like I ask if anyone new any reference books on building her got not answer so I shelved the plans for now.




4 hours ago, Dan Vad said:

who are you getting your timber from?

I was think of getting it from Crown Timber in the US, The Ebony I don't know yet. 

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53 minutes ago, Eddie said:

I was think of getting it from Crown Timber in the US, The Ebony I don't know yet.

Yeah, Crown Timber are about the best around now. I got some timber off them a while ago, good stuff and didn't take long to arrive.


I'll have a look if I have any Ebony left - should have a couple of sheets if you really want to go down that road. I still advise against it, but you're welcome to them as long as you pay the freight (shouldn't be much).


:cheers:  Danny

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Hey howya goin all, I did these awhile back when I got my plans from NRG.   :bird-vi:


I had the plan of the frames copyed, then cut them up then scanned and printed out on ladeling paper.




Ones cut from the copyed plans.



Ones scan to the ladeling paper.



This last pic you can see the scans on the ladeling paper I pulled one corner off so you can see it's sticky on one side that way after I glue the frames together I can easily stick it down to them and run them through a scroll saw. I also have another copy to stick to the sheet of wood to cut them out of.



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11 hours ago, Eddie said:

Hey howya goin Al mate, thanks for sitting in on this one mate. Alot of poeple are getting these plans now and some have had these plans sitting on there selves for along time.    :bird-vi:

I'm doing pretty well. I've been away from the workbench because of family issues but I'm starting to get back to it now. I still need to build my skill before I tackle the Washington though.

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