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Metal work resourcnes

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Looking through many of these fine builds reminds me that metal working in my weakest area. I kind of feel very comfortable working with wood, it's a material I think I understand reasonably well. Metal not so much. Does anyone know of any good metal work resources? I did manage to obtain a copy of a 1963 Unimat manual from Ozark tool manuals which is pretty good. Anyone have any suggestions.


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Depends on what kind of metal work you are talking about. Machining ? It also depends a bit on the kind of machines you have or consider buying.


As I said in another recent post, there are quite a few tutorials and the likes on the Internet and useful fora, for instance the one that is run by the traditional magazine 'The Model Engineer': http://www.model-engineer.co.uk/forums/


There are also many good tutorial and reference books on the market. An on-line booksellers that I used in the past and that has virtually everything that is on the market is: https://www.camdenmin.co.uk/


I personally collected also a few books meant for vocational training in metal and machine work. Particularly pre-1960 books are useful, before NC was introduced seriously and all was treated more like a 'craft' than an economic engineering problem. They give you the basics and can be found on flea-markets or at antique booksellers for little money.



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You might try “Model Engineering - A Foundation Course” - Author Peter Wright. I use it often as my reference book.https://www.amazon.co.uk/Model-Engineering-Foundation-Peter-Wright/dp/1854861522

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Hi Kurt


If you're looking for more in depth info on a specific subject you might try the Nexus Special Interests, 'Workshop Practice Series'. I see they're now up to book 49.


Many model engineer suppliers as well as the usual online book sellers carry them.




Mark D

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I am trolling along on this thread, adding things to my Amazon shopping cart as I scroll down the page!



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Three books that I have in my shop - they stay in the shop not in my library - is #1 The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight.  It's inexpensive and comes as a paperback or a spiral binding which I recommend as it can lay flat on the bench for reference.  It's not a machinist's book but a general how to work with metals book - all the essential information is there to guide even a first time metal worker.


The second is Ken Foran's book that Bill mentioned earlier.  I can't say enough about this book other than if you work with brass or want to - Get It.  Ken's a contributor here - you might PM him and see if he's got some autographed copies for sale.


The third is another by Tim McCreight - Jewelry Fundamental of Metalsmithing.  This book goes beyond his other book with refined techniques that are used in making jewelry and fine metal work that one can adapt to work on models.  This is a "nice to have" book whereas I think the other two are "must have" books.


Amazon links - https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Metalsmith-Illustrated-Handbook/dp/0871922401/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508595894&sr=8-1&keywords=the+complete+metalsmith+by+tim+mccreight








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I didn't find Model Building with Brass of much use. I was looking for basics. That wasn't it. Lot's of beautiful things shown, but not a lot of help as a 'how to'


Your mileage may vary....

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What I found useful was basically the beginning of the book and little bits and pieces elsewhere.  True, it's not a shipbuilders guide but the principles apply.  I believe he said he's revising it to add techniques for shipbuilding.   


BTW, is log on the Constitution is an education unto itself 

   Hope this helps.

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I totally agree with Mark. My solution to the metalwork issue was going to be that we all move in with Xken  (whose book is right now opened in my lap).  Today, I also received a copy of “The Complete Metalsmith”.  It is a gem, thanks to those who recommended it.





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