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$10 Electric Pen Sander

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Greetings to all,

I have been doing a lot of sanding lately fairing the hull and constructing the stern on the Confederacy. For fine details like the lintels and sills on the windows I thought a detail sander would be a help. Besides the expensive prices,I found MicroMarks on back order and Proxxon's PS 13 to have quite a few bad reviews. Whilst looking on line I found the idea on U tube of using a n electric toothbrush. On my next trip shopping I found an Oral B rechargable one for $10 and decided  to give it a try.

What else was needed was some double sided tape,sandpaper and gasket making punch kit.


I used a smaller headed brush my wife had than the one that came with the unit although that one would work fine,it is just a bit larger .Then removed the bristles with pliers




I used the 7/16" punch from the gasket making kit I punched out some some tape and sandpaper discs.


Mount the double sided tape to the head ....mount sandpaper disc to tape and detail sand away. It works surprising well59fbaa03d1ce7_Confederacyandsander037.thumb.JPG.b7713c9c9c293af56c99dcf41c4f6534.JPG

Confederacy and sander 044.JPG

Confederacy and sander 040.JPG

Confederacy and sander 037.JPG

Confederacy and sander 039.JPG

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Yes you can indeed......I am really chuffed with the way it works. I can use a fair bit of force and it keeps sanding away without problems. The long neck and small head can get into some really small places with ease. I have been using these Oral B brushes for years on my teeth.they are powerful,last  a long time per charge and go on  for years.

I wish I could use  it to sand away those extra pictures that are not supposed to be there,as I can't edit them away

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    That's what I like to see, re-purposing a tool to do something that it was never originally intended to do!  I have also tried it with one of my new Sonic Pop Dental units that my wife picked up from QVC as one of their special picks.  I didn't like it for my teeth but after reshaping the head with a bend added to it, it makes a good vibrating sander.  I don't know about you but, I can't sand by hand at 30,000 vibrations per minute!:D  As it has a very compact stroke it can really get in some tight spaces.  The only drawback is your hand seems to keep vibrating after you finish.:huh:

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I saw this and scoffed. “You can’t buy an electric toothbrush for $10!”


Then I realised that it referred to what I call the head of the toothbrush not the motor unit as well. And I already own both parts! D’oh!  

Thanks for the brilliant idea and Im sorry to have been so hard of thinking 😁

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