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Corsair by DCIronfist - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:80 scale (First wooden ship build)

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Thanks Robbyn gonna put the keel on after I sand the first plank layer down.


I hope not to oversand Adriaan looks worse than it is I hope lol


Thanks Sjors, not sure i believe you that it's better than yours.........yours really came out great, was an influence in me getting into this :) :)


So more house projects and having to work a few days may set the sanding back a few days....but hope to be back at it soon



All comments welcome :) :)

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Hi David

As you gave your time to visit me I thought I would have a look to see where you lived

So I came over, found the back door open and wandered in  :piratetongueor4: 

I got a seat at the back as the place looks pretty full

If I could just get Adriaan and Sjors to pass some popcorn and beer back to me I will settle in  :cheers: 


I have read through your log, agonised over your problems and cheered your successes 

As you can see I have built a few OcCre models

Often I have looked at the instructions and thought "Do that NOW!!!!"  or  "Surely I should do that first"  :o 

A particular point with the Endeavour was indeed the keel

I was told to stick it on when all the planking was done

I thought "But there's not a lot there to plank to, how am I going to get a nice finish"

So I stuck it on after the first planking so I had something to plank squarely to

Also just to add to the debate about glue, I use PVA wherever possible and only revert to CA medium or thick when absolutely necessary

Thing is with PVA it reacts much less with stain or paint whereas CA just seems to react with everything and does not take kindly to gluing prestained wood


Ok that's my bit for now

I will just sit here at the back and keep an eye on things, although it does look as if you have gotten over your probs and are now doing very well  :D 


Keep it up  :10_1_10: 


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I might suggest you take a short break......I usually do this after a major sanding operation.  Then, take one more look and decide if you want to spend a little more time filling/sanding.  Keep 2 things in mind:


Any irregularities in the flow of the hull planks at this point will only be accentuated during the second planking.


Too much sanding and you'll actually sand through the first layer of planking.


Once you make your decision to proceed. either glue will work.  Wood glue, PVA, gives you more time to position your planks and cleans up easily with water or alcohol.  It also sands out well.  But it does take time to set.  CA is fast but can be unforgiving and does NOT sand well so keep it under control.  I actually use both....not trying to confuse you, just being honest.


Whatever you decide, take your time and treat each plank as a mini project.

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On the Endeavour I used contact adhesive for the first time and I found that worked very well indeed

As Augie says there are problems with both PVA and CA

I have to admit I tend to err towards the PVA as it is much easier to keep under control

A mistake can be fairly easily cleaned up

CA is, as Augie says, a pig to get rid of if it gets on a finished surface

Firstly do as Augie says and take a close look at the hull and see if it does need a bit of sanding, filing, scraping in places

Then I would advise giving contact adhesive a go

Use a tube as a can will soon start going stiff with too much exposure to the air as it gets down the can a bit

A very thin coat on the two surfaces

Leave until tackiness goes, anything from 5 to 15 minutes, maybe even more

Press together firmly and roll it if you have a small wallpaper roller or similar

Failing that find a smooth rounded edge of something, knife handle etc, and rub over it to settle it perfectly

It bonds very well but does give you a chance for minor adjustment, also being by far the cleanest of the three as if you are careful it only goes where you put it and as there is no liquid there is nothing to squidge out

But as Augie says, using PVA as the main glue and just a spot or two of CA to hold the plank in place as the PVA goes off is a fair way of proceeding

Have a play with the glues, see which you prefer

The big negative about using purely CA is that it dries very hard and brittle with no give


I hope that helps a bit David

Good luck



What Augie says last of all is vitally important


Whatever you decide, take your time and treat each plank as a mini project.

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Ok so cut out the gun ports ( harder than I thought) painted them black on the inside......added the keel...........and lined the stern galleries.......I did get some bleed through wth the paint any ideas to make it look better? My wife says leave and I'm trying o be too perfect with it........thanks for lookingpost-3113-0-92191000-1380903580_thumb.jpgpost-3113-0-97862600-1380903609_thumb.jpg

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Hi David,


Nice progress !

And then for the bleed.

For the outside it doesn't matter because you have to plank over it.

For the inner side of the bulwark…get some thin planking, a little darker or the same colour as the hull, and plank the bulwark !

Then you don't see a thing anymore.



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Bad news........it seems my wife suspects this build is the reason to a reaction she had.....gonna take time off and try to eliminate the problem. If not it may not be good news for finishing........it may be some time before I have an update.........

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Sorry to heaer that Dave,  I know some paints and solvents can have wicked effects on some people - so it can be harsh, especially during winter when ventilation gets scarce.


Good luck to you both, hope the reaction is to something easy like that to take care of.

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