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Corsair by DCIronfist - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:80 scale (First wooden ship build)

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Hope all is well at home, did you figure out if the build was causing any problems?  The ship is looking good!  As for the bleed, here is what did with the lobster boat.  I went to Home Depot and grabbed a small bottle of the Martha Stewart sealer in the paint section.  I brushed that on the parts I was painting and then scrubbed it down with 320 sandpaper.  The acrylic went on great and the paint stuck to the sealer and did not bleed through even the thinnest basswood.


Best of luck with boat!  Also, I would say have a good weekend but it will be difficult when the Vikings destroy the Packers on Sunday!  haha! 

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Oh my has it been that long since I posted?.........well winter is setting in so maybe more progress lol


So I finished lining the upper bulwarks and got the cabin lined and under the cabin area covered........post-3113-0-36859300-1386352758_thumb.jpgpost-3113-0-40581900-1386352773_thumb.jpgpost-3113-0-42639100-1386352785_thumb.jpg



So next is putting on the other color on lower half of ship.


The ps4 I got is taking up some of my time but will try to make some progress in the next few weeks or so......

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Adam I ordered them but they did not come painted I do not have the pics on my iPad anymore but I think back on page 11 of this log it shows that they are all grey....I painted each and every crew member :) :) :). The big guy in back is a McFarlane Toys Assassin's Creed IV Black Bart Action Figure (Amazon Exclusive) :) :) :)

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Well welcome David. Nice to meet you. I work also on Corsair and we are at the same construction level (come visit my log :)). I can tell your ship looks awesome and i`m a bit jealous how your first layout of hull is looking after sanding  :piratetongueor4: . And the most incredible is your set of clamps :). Didn't hear about this saying "if one is good, two is better" before but i I totally agree. I`m looking forward with your building and want to see some progress (leave the AC4:Black Flag and start modeling :10_1_10: ) 

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