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HMS Bounty by Auger - Constructo - 1:50

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Been a looong time since I’ve posted here, but I thought I’d drop in and give an update on my build. I recently dusted her off, found a spot on the work bench and am continuing the build. It’s slow going, just a piece or two a night between diner and bed, but I’m starting to see the slow progress. Excuse the mess, we’ve recently moved and I haven’t arranged everything yet:




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Yes, I’ve taken good care of it during these idle years. I’ve always kept it wrapped in foam sheets on a formed styrofoam base and strategically placed in the garage to avoid any damage. I’m happy to be continuing and look forward to finally finishing it.

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Just some quick photos of where I’m at with my Bounty build. I’ve oiled the hull and started on some of the ground tackle. I apologize for the cluttered workspace. I’m confined to a 4’x2’ bench in a jail cell sized room in the corner of the basement. Wish I had something like the workrooms I’ve seen in some of the other build logs here. 




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Been working on the masts. I went ahead and built my own mastheads to make it look a little better than just a dowel; not totally done yet, still have a few parts to add. The “iron bands” on the masthead are thick cardstock paper which I also used to back the wood battens. Had to do that because the battens kept snapping when I was trying to file-in the slots for the bands. It was easier to cut the slots out of the paper backing.



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