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Caracca Atlantica by Kikatinalong - Mamoli - scale 1:54

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Hello and welcome to all.

I guess luck was on my side when I found this kit very cheaply on eBay. I certainly had concerns it would be incomplete yet took a chance and was excited when it arrived as the only contents package in the kit that had been opened was the planking bag. I don't think any are missing but if there are they can be easily sourced.

Its a very old kit and on inspection I found the keel, deck and bulkheads to be very roughly cut which will require some recutting and repairing. All the other parts including cast metal, brass and pre finished hardwoods are in great condition.


The Mamoli kit recreates a 16th century Carrack, double planking bulkhead construction using lime wood, walnut, mahogany, poplar and other woods. 

Fittings are cast metal, brass and preformed hardwoods.

Nine sheets of plans, 12 cannons and sails.

Scale 1:54

Total length 833 mm

Total height 650 mm

Drawings are dated 1978.


A little study has been done and a few pieces of reference have been found.

The ship is a three masted Carrack, length of the hull was 35 metres. Height from the top of the mast to the keel was approximately 30 meters.

The prints of that name and the documents found in the historical archives of Barcelona allowed the reconstruction of the ships plans, which takes its place between the medieval merchant ship and the galleon , classed for its particular structures of the forecastle and the quarterdeck among the Carracks.

Probably around 1519 it took part in an important expedition, which led Fernandez Cortez to conquer Mexico. ( I'm yet to find any other evidence to support that reference ).

The outer galleries, one of which is a balcony, the apartments under the small quarterdeck , the super structures of the decks providing the installation of awnings for protection from the sun, indicates they were employed for passengers of wealth and high class.

Characteristics of the ship are the escutcheons at the prow, painted with very bright colours and merely having a decorative function.


Portugese merchant ships like the Caracca Atlantica played a vital part in the age of exploration. They were fully rigged to run before the prevailing winds, large enough to hold precious cargoes of spices, and armed for protection against hostile natives and greedy pirates ( was there ever another sort of pirate). When Magellan sailed around the world his entire fleet consisted of these vessels, known as Caracks.


At this point I'd like to give a huge thanks to Louie the Fly for inspiring and helping to learn a little about the ship before I build.

Once again thank Louie the Fly.


ill post a few pics I've found of the model once completed.

In my next log I'll add the drawing pictures and the contents of the kit along with a few ideas to change the stern galleries which I find unsightly and very busy to the eye.


cheers to all




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In this log I will just add a few pics of the kit and some drawings, I'm not great with computers and will keep this simple until I get used to the site.

ive made a little progress in far as jigs and some dry fitting and will update that in a day or so.

The false keel, bulkheads and deck pieces are very roughly cut , it is what it is and I've been re cutting and repairing to get the desired results.

It seems some of the uploads failed so I'll leave it at that for now, and try and post more tomorrow.

happy modelling 













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Hello allimageproxy.php?img=&key=4f3b55ae31fcd018imageproxy.php?img=&key=4f3b55ae31fcd018imageproxy.php?img=&key=4f3b55ae31fcd018

At this stage I've finished my baseboard consisting of mdf, dressed timber and have used Perspex to keep the false keel square and running straight.

As mentioned earlier all the bulkheads required either re cutting, trimming or adding to. They have now been dry fitted along with the main and half decks. These decks are as roughly cut as the bulkheads, I won't complain as it's a very old kit and most pre cut parts will need a lot of attention to achieve my desired results.

i will also be adding 9x9 mm square timber running  parallelimageproxy.php?img=&key=4f3b55ae31fcd018imageproxy.php?img=&key=4f3b55ae31fcd018 to the keel under the main deck near each side of the cargo hold for extra stability.

So adding the 9x9 cut outs to the bulkheads, will be my next task,and then start to glue the hull frame together . Then lay the deck and some deck planks.

the support beams for the half deck are missing from the kit ( should have seen that earlier) so these will need to be made before it can be added. 

Ive added some dry fit pictures.

Happy modelling 


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  • 3 weeks later...

I thought I would share my latest progress. In what's been a hectic yet thoroughly exciting month in family life I've still managed to find the time to move forward.

All the bulkheads have been fitted and I've started to add and begin to sand back the filler blocks, I've also slotted and added some bracing along the top of the bulkheads to assist with strength of the hull and stability for the main deck. 

I will also add some smaller fillers along the deck edges before I head any further.

As I'm very new to modelling and it's hard with only pictures as a reference I would be more than grateful to accept any advice as to something I may have done wrong or any problems u can foresee me heading forward in my build.

Happy modelling 





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Another update as the model is moving along as I find more time to spend on it as the days become warmer.

The extra stabilising supports were placed along the keel and the deck added. I then wanted to add supports under the 3 gun ports on each side but once I begun it was just as easy to place these supports fully along the deck edge. While waiting for glue to dry I tried dry fitting the fore deck and ran into my first real problem, bulkhead 4 clearly sits way to low which will require adding to so I can achieve the desired results .

Next is to partially lay some of the deck planks, then add the beams and half deck. 

Padded are a few progress pics and a picture of the fore deck problem.






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  • 4 weeks later...

Latest update 

Ive added partial planking to the main deck, I erred in following the drawing, and then discovered the 2-3-4-5 step planking system, I will probably finish it off and redo it over the top. I also planked in some areas where I didn't need to, just got carried away and will learn from that too. 

Next I laid the half deck beams and added some supports for the outer edges of the half deck.

I then turned my attention towards the first layer of planking. After spending a fair amount of time laying batons across the hull I soon realised my attempt wasn't going to work.

I then raised a post asking for help and received some great advice and started again, I think I'm starting to comprehend what's required for planking this particular shaped hull. ( I will add a pic of my first attempt which is on the right hand side and the amended planking on the left).


The gun ports which come with the kit are terrible, so I am making my own following the same method I saw on another build log, a little extra work will be well worth the effort. 

This weekend I'm meeting up with another member from this forum who has helped me enormously via email in regards to not only building my Carrack but helping me understand a little about the type of ships they were. I will no doubt return home with a vast amount of knowledge. It will be great to see another persons builds too. So all in all I'm making a few errors but they are nothing I can't remedy and I'm having to much fun to worry about them.







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  • 3 weeks later...

Latest update.

Hello to all and thanks for the comments and likes.

Ive managed to add the gun ports and finish off the deck planking, also painted under the cargo hold with burnt umber which turned out ok , with one coat it looks like a worn darkish brown colour. 

Began the planking. It started out very well and I was sort of confident I was headed in the right direction.

I laid about ten each side and then realised it was looking out of line towards the stern. I worked out where I'm going wrong and as it's only the first planking have just laid a filler piece in, as I know I can amend my errors for the laying of the main planking. I hope so anyway. So it's back to more planking and sanding, at this stage I will be using very little filler which i think means I'm doing something right. I'm enjoying the planking as I watch the ship take its real shape.

im still undecided on the stern galleries, I have some ideas and know I will remove the bulky venitian look and make it sleek and narrow in this area above the hull.









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Hello to all

A BIG THANK YOU to Steven ( Louie da fly )

My kit came with a brass head carving which I assumed was a dragons head. 

I was horrified when I finally unwrapped it and discovered it was a bloody duck, the Admiral kept laughing as I tried to convince myself it was just a bad looking dragon.

Being new to modelling and this group I soon realised that Steven and a few others loved Carrack's.

Then I realised Steven lived a few hours from me in a town I visit another friend a few times a year.

Push forward a few months and after many emails I visited Steven and his lovely wife, as course I took my model.

Having already seen the ugly duckling via email Steven offered to carve me a dragon head piece, I gladly accepted his offer and in a very short time it arrived in the mail. It's based on a headpiece found and recovered from the fifteen hundreds.

I love it

Its amazing 

And it will be a great addition to my model.

I dips my lid to u Steven, you have been a great source of information and an inspiration to push ahead even when I have doubts I could do this, a wonderful host in your stunning house, and a great new friend. 

Ive seen your Dromon first hand and I can easily describe your craftsmanship as exceptional, I can't wait to see your Dromon sitting in a prised area of your house.

Once again thank you for all of your help.







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(Blush). With the quality of build he's doing, Peter's model deserved something better than the figurehead provided with the kit, and anyway I had a lot of fun doing the carving and painting.


And it was very good meeting Peter and Bernie. We had a good time together, and of course Peter and I were able to talk models and compare notes. Ballarat's a bit out of the way (one and a half hour's drive from Melbourne) and it was nice to be able to meet one of my fellow modellers face to face - and we've made two new friends. 



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Latest update.

Ive managed to complete the first layer of planking. It's very daunting to attempt this part of the build, so much to learn beforehand and during the process and I'm sure like most modellers I would do it differently the second time around. I'm reasonably happy with the outcome. I definitely would have added a few stealers if I had my time again.

Maybe I'll have to on the main outer layer of planking. I used an 8x5 mm plank for the garboard plank, it's a little thin at the ends but it is what it is and I'll learn from that. A little filler here and there before I move to the next stage of planking above the deck. I will now need to finally decide on the above deck stern area before doing attempting this.

I salute every first time hull planker, it really does make you feel like a first year apprentice who could do with an experienced tradesman to guide them along.


As an idea Ive taken about an inch of each side of the piece  that slides in just above the hull at the stern to gain the shape I want. Where I go from there I'm still not really sure but I have a few things in mind.











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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello to all.

My Carrack is moving along a little quicker than I thought, so I had to finally decide on the changes to the stern galleries. A decision was made to completely remove the bulky slanted stern gallerie and just stick with a slick tapered rear and a simple hand railing along the top stern deck. 

As it begins to take shape the more I think I made the right decision in this regards to the changes.

As the kit is possibly as old as forty years I've come across a problem with the 1.5 mm lime laths, I've ran out of them and the new ones I bought are a completely different colour. The advice I received was it's as simple as the old ones have just aged. 

I intend not to stain any of the timber and leave everything natural I will probably have to line the deck sides on the inside so I end with the one colour of natural timber. I don't think it's a big deal, just added work. The age of the timber must be why I have colour discrepancies in the deck planking. 


So far I've added the cannons, the cannons themselves can be glued in later once the first layer of planking has been covered in Walnut. 

The top deck has been added. And I continue to work my way up with the planking, towards the forecastle and the new stern handrailing. 

Im making a few errors as I progress but as long as I learn along the way and every error is fixable then I'm happy as I go along. 

I do have one question. 

Is there anything I need to do to the first layer of planking before I start laying the veneer walnut on top of it ?

All the hard work is very rewarding as the Carrack starts to take its real shape and I start to think only a natural disaster could stop me now. 







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Hi Peter,


The main thing to do is to sand the first layer of planking so you get a very smooth run in every direction. This is your opportunity to even out any lumps and bumps that disturb the smooth curve of your ship's outer form, to form a good base for your second layer of planking. If there are any gross problems a bit of wood filler or builder's bog is ok to use at this stage (as it will be hidden by the second layer of planking), then sand it all smooth. It seems to me it's already very good, but closer inspection may show up some inequalities that need to be dealt with.


It's looking very good, and taking on that beautiful characteristic carrack shape. You're making very good progress. 



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  • 2 months later...

Hi to all.

I haven't had a lot of time to work on my ship the last few months. All of my spare time has focused on visiting my dementia riddled father after we placed him in a nursing home, and cleaning out his garage for my mum so she can downsize. Aged 92 she's one determined woman. Dads garage was full of model trains, electric and two live steam models. We should all be glad that once we pass, we don't see what happens to most of the things we have amassed over a lifetime. Having said that I managed to Aquire some great things he owned. I must post in ( what did you receive today) section once I've set it all up.

So this is just a quick update on minor progress.

Ive managed to complete the walnut planking from the main deck down fully on one side, and I'm about half way on the other side. The stern above deck is starting to take the desired shape I have decided on.

Hopefully in the next month I can complete the outer planking and move to the next challenge.







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  • 1 month later...

 20200410_153115.thumb.jpg.628e246195606896f2baa61fec5d986a.jpgTime for another update.

Been so busy before the COVID-19 restrictions took hold that I was fitting bits of planking when I could find the time. Too often in to much of a rush and lose where I was up to, which led to some errors. 

I've now finished the walnut planking on the outer hull minus the false keel. Plenty of sanding and filling tiny gaps between planks to do before the desired effect is complete. I do like the different tones and grains in the walnut and think it adds to the overall effect. I remember stating earlier I wasn't sure about the walnut, but I've certainly changed my mind.

Looking forward to the next little milestone of completing the outer hull entirely. I'm sure I'm not the only modeller to think this lockdown isn't so bad at all.



P.S. I've had 1/2 dozen goes at trying to upload photos today that when I finally got one to upload I'd had enough. Will try and post a few more later.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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  • 4 months later...

A long time between posts. Family issues, winter and covid 19 have definitely hampered my progress.

so I'm just posting some pictures of where I'm at. This kit bash is starting to find its own shape. Too many mistakes to mention but it's satisfying when u get a result. 

To those who are finding motivation throughout lockdown periods could u please post me some. Stage 4 remains in Melbourne,Australia for another 3 weeks and who knows beyond that. Hopefully the weather warms and I can get back to it on a more regular basis.







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That's beautiful crisp work, Peter. She's really starting to look like a ship. 


As far as motivation goes, little steps. Just do a bit as you find the time (and motivation). We're all our own worst critics, but from where I sit that's a very cool and beautiful model, and getting better all the time.

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