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Schwinn Sting-Ray - MPC - 1:8 Scale

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When I saw this iconic bicycle model on sale at Ebay, I had to buy one. When I was a kid, all of us wanted one of these bikes, but I personally knew no one that actually owned one. Way too expensive back then. As best I recall, they were several hundred dollars. 

This is serving as a place holder right now as I am waiting to receive the kit from the vendor.



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19 minutes ago, Roger Pellett said:

I can’t help but wonder how long that elaborate gear shift mechanism survived on the real thing given kids’ efforts to abuse things and to to take them  apart.



Forget about the gear shift mechanism, I wonder how long I could have owned one without it being stolen. Bicycles were stolen quickly if you didn't keep a very close eye on them when I was growing up. Sometimes, had to fight (literally) to keep them. 

This is no joke...my Dad bought me a new bicycle for Christmas when I was 9. It was a Sears and Roebuck, Schwinn Sting-Ray knock off. He told me it was the first and last new bicycle he would ever buy for me. From that point forward, I had to work, save, and buy my own. I bought my next new bicycle when I was fourteen or fifteen with money I earned from mowing lawns. It was a Western Auto Flyer. Man, I was proud of that thing. it had a twist grip shifter for the 3 speed rear hub. 🙂

40 minutes ago, Old Collingwood said:

Welcome back to Plastic Land mate,   very interesting subject  I used to have the UK eqv  called a Raleigh  Chopper.



I looked it up....man, those were nice, too!

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brings back memories.  you didn't get anywhere in the town of Weare,  if you didn't own a bike ;)    friend's houses were pretty far apart......I did enough walking too.  I used to build my own bikes.........we'd take trash to the dump and I would come back with all sorts of spare parts!  I forget the brand,  but I came across a fully chrome bike frame.......just needed tires and rims.   I built a chopper.......the front fork was almost 3 feet.......had welded link chain for reinforcements { my dad did it for me}.   I rode it to school for the last day.......almost killed me when the rear axle snapped......almost got hit by a car!  ended up selling it to a friend for 2 cents :angry:  I wuz so mad!


a friend of mine built an interesting bike.......the frame was turned upside down w/large wheels.  the seat and handle bar shaft was raised about a foot and he bolted a car steering wheel on it.   he had to get on the bike by getting on the roof of their shed :D    the idiot almost killed himself on it :D :D   same kid that got the both of us kicked off the bus for fighting!


I've seen these kits around  :)  {not this one,  but others}


*funny note*   hoarding like I did,  I amassed quite a few frames and stuff.   our house burned in 1969........we rebuilt.   Dad was digging the septic and needed to put in a leech bed.   we threw all kinds of junk in there for drainage.....but we needed more.  you guessed it.........he threw all my frames in there as well! :( .........even the chrome one!

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