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HMS Triton Cross Section by Olphart first scratch build

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Got a fair bit done the day before yesterday, as shown here.  I've cleaned off the paper, and tidied up the slots since these pictures.

I've made a jig and I'm going to glue the spacers on to the frames before fitting them to the keel. 

More pics of that process to come.  My poor Sirene is being neglected....Oh well






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Spar varnished the frames using a "ragging" technique and assembled the section.  It looked pretty good, but I used the wrong glue/should have presanded the joints, so it came apart like a cardboard suitcase in a rainstorm when I handled it. 

No harm done, in fact, now I can make some changes that will improve it, like lining up the spacer blocks better, and adding "rising wood" to the keel.

The walnut looks great varnished.  Ragging leaves a non gloss finish and you don't get runs.

I have an order in at the Lumberyard for the rest of the wood and as soon as I get the quote, I can get that shipped out to me.

Meanwhile, back to La Sirene during the interim

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This was a bit of a senior moment.  I got the bright idea to make a jig that would make sure that my frame spacers were lined up nicely.  as you can see from the first pic,  I glued blocks on the jig and simply slid the frame into place.  A+ if you already see the disaster looming

This worked a treat as you can see in the next shot.  the frame fitted beautifully and the  blocks allowed me to place the spacers perfectly and glue them down.


Now came the problem.....*sigh*    Part marks to those who just figured out the problem.  That's about the time I realized my error....


Onward and upward, as they say.  I've already redesigned that jig, in my mind anyway, but I put it aside for the time being to build a new assembly jig.



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I didn't like my assembly jig.  It didn't seem to be very accurate and it was clumsy to work with, so I built a different one based on pictures I've seen.


I haven't actually fastened any frames to the keel yet.  Just letting my mind work with it for now to try to foresee any glitches.  ( See, I can learn from my mistakes! ).

So far, it seems like it will solve many problems





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Hello Olphart!


I like this jig better than the other one. I have never use a jig to assemble the frames. I glue the "blue pieces" to the assembly patern with "Pritt" or similar.  What I do and I have found it very important is to extend the line where the futtoks of the red ones come together (you can see a pencil pointing the intersection line)




Then with a brush and water I remove the paper and glue the "red pieces" with white glue using clamps.




As you can see I leave some extrawood at the end of the frames. There will be time enough to cut it later when all the frames were in place.




Good work so far and excellent workshop you´ve got there.


Good luck!




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the colour of the walnut looks great. Re the spacers, I lined mine up by sight as the frames were glued together on the keel, keeping them clear of the future gunports. They were placed near the top of the frames to reinforce the structure whilst sanding. Worked out ok.




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Olphart, Good catch on the jig.  I use a method similar to the others. I tape the assembly drawing down to a 1/4" piece of glass, Build the frame and then lay another piece of 1/4" glass on top.  The glass lets me view that everything is lining up and also provides pressure to ensure a good glue joint.

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Got some of the planking and treenailing done..  I don't like my limber boards one little bit.  I'm redoing those as we speak.

I also have the deck beams bent to spec and ready to start working on the lower deck.


Also been working on La Sirene.  It looks as if I'm the only one Model Ship World foolish enough to build one.   I found a French site that has many very helpful pics, and being able to read a bit of French helps as well, so I'm not working entirely from what Corel calls plans. :huh:



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