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S/S Bohuslän by puckotred ABORTED - NCB/Türkmodel - Scale 1:45

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Hello Ship model builders...

I am Puckotred from Göteborg and this is my third model and the first without sails.


A picture of the real thing:



From Atlastmodels: (With some minor corrections from me)


"The steamship S/S Bohuslän was built at Eriksbergs shipyard in Gothenburg 1913. For more than 40 years the traffic route of Bohuslän was between Göteborg- Lysekil-Smögen-Gravarne (Kungshamn) on the Swedish west coast. Later it was used as a ferry between Sweden and Denmark and between Sweden and Norway until it was taken off to be scrapped in 1963. A number of enthusiasts decided to rescue it and restored Bohuslän to its original condition and is still running it in the west coast archipelago in the summertime. "


Build size: 95 x 16 x 40 cm.


Made by Türkmodel on behalf of NCB – Nordic Class Boats


So let's start with the unboxing:











Lid off:




Closeup of metal cast fittings etc:




The other half. on the right are the davits (or "lifeboat hangers" as the instructions state them)

made of "plexiglass".




The stuff underneath:








Wire and aluminium foil(?!) for the funnel:




"plexiglass" OK for the windows but the small sheet on top is for the winch and sunroofs.






To be continued...

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More of the stuff in the box:


Bag with plans:








Quality kind of OK: Called Ayous, like harder balsa and easy to bend. will be difficult to get a smooth finish.




A small box...




...with lighting LED's!!!  :D




Plastic sheet for windows:




Bag of plywood:








Hull parts:



Lower decks:




To be continued...

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The last batch:



A bag of mahogany:




Doors, panels and steps:





Tables and chairs:




Closeup of the doorpanels:



Colour scheme?:




This is the full written instructions on the left: On the right parts list.




Building plans: Quite good actually. But it feels like building a plastic kit...





Example of the wiring plan:




And that's it from the box! 


I'm quite satisfied with the quality of the kit. I don't like the plastic parts though.. The winch is made of partly white metal and partly plastic. Strange...


I don't understand why they have instructions in bad English since the kit is manufactured for Sweden. How hard can it be to translate one page of instructions (that mostly explains how to soak planks) and a few sentences scattered around in the plans...


Not that it is a problem for me personally but I know some old farts that don't understand a word English and shy away just because of that...


The LED kit is a fun extra. It usually cost SEK 180 but I got it for free. The kit cost me about €280 and that makes it a lot of ship for the money.


I have some rigging to do on another model before I start building Bohuslän. A couple of days...

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Hi Puckotred

till now I was not Aware that there is a Bohuslän kit (and even in 1:45 !!)on the market again, thanks for sharing the News, and hopefully for your build-log to start with the keellaying soon. Shall Keep tuned ....

Long time ago I built Buhuslän from the former Billing Boats kit in 1:50 scale, which disappeared many years ago from the market. If you are interested you can see my finished kit Model in the Gallery.




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Hello Nils,

You did a great model of the old Billings kit. A lot of added detail.

The Billings was of Bohuslän as she was delivered from the shipyard in 1914 and this kit is as she is today. (more or less.) 

There are a lot of details lacking in this one. For example the lower wale is missing and the bottlescrews are badly done. 


I'll try and do my best but it will not come near your quality I'm sure...

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I have seen this kit in the model shop in Stockholm and thought she looked interesting – and quite large at 95cm in length. It's intrigueing that she has lights, as I don't know of any other kit that includes this feature. I saw the real thing a few years ago when she was in Stockholm for a steam boat rally.


I would think you could quite easily scratch various items, by ditching the plastic parts and substituting wooden ones. I agree it seems rather strange that the instructions are in bad English, after all many Swedes understand the language very well, and I would have thought they could have provided both. 


As has been mentioned, do start a build log. I'll be following this one.




Actually there are a few Swedish kits. The same manufacturer makes a kit of another steamer, the Mariefred, and there are kits of the Swedish brig Gerda, and I think the Tre Kronor.

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Kester, too bad I'm a lousy scratcher... (though I'm damn good at scratching my wife's back)


Here are the Swedish kits:



http://turk-model.com/eng/ (they have not yet put up Bohuslän on their webpage. But they made the kit, says so on the box  ;) )


Jim: Hope I won't disappoint you all now...





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Well, I wanted to finish the rigging of my other model but I just wanted to dry fit some parts of the hull.



All of a sudden the parts just seemed to glue themselves together....




The keel was made up of three parts and it was impossible to fit the other parts without gluing these together with some reinforcements of scrap plywood:




On the middle bulkhead an extra part was to be glued on.

The end of the planks shall meet here. Long planks forward,

And shorter planks aft wards...





Midship reinforcements:





The laser cutting has quite good accuracy so far. After filing away the burnt wood everything fit nicely.


The three-part keel is quite flimsy so I think I have to glue on some more hull reinforcements tomorrow...  B)

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'All of a sudden the parts just seemed to glue themselves together' huh? I would love to have seen that.  :D


Well, you've made a start, although the construction process does seem a bit odd, and the keel is rather flimsy looking. I'm not surprised that you had to firm it up a little, but I imagine the more you do the more rigid it will become.


I trust that in sanding away the burnt wood you're not taking off too much. ;)

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I couldn't leave the hull in its easy-to-break state so I glued on some of the reinforcements at the aft:





And at the bow:





Some more glue just in case...




Had to fit the lower deck in front:




The lower deck in the rear had a little curve so I glued a little to see how it fit:




I actually glued the front deck in place after all:






post-6862-0-02552400-1385913090_thumb.jpg This is Where I am so far: post-6862-0-81965700-1385913090_thumb.jpg


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Kester, Well, just checking if the parts fit and all of a sudden you sit there with a bottle of glue....  :huh:


Sanding away the burnt parts at the attaching points seems to make them fit like a glove. Some Turk has either done some good thinking or has tremendous luck...  :)


Thanks Nils, it will be a static model.

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Welcome to MSW Mr.(?) Puckotred, that is one strange nickname I have to admit.


I have been looking at these kits in my local hobby store (Wentzells), and always wondered about the quality and level of detail. It will be interesting to follow your progress. Presumably, adding extra detail will be quite straight forward, due to the extensive documentation available, not to mention to real boat!


Keep up the good work.

/Alfons in Stockholm

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Tjenare Alfons, I got the kit from here: MJ-Specialisten it cost me SEK 2530,- and then the light-kit and shipment was included.

In my opinion it's worth the money. (My username should be "PuckoTed" but my fingers slipped.)

I've had a hard time finding pictures and documentation actually. Most of the pics I came across where people drinking beer on board... and travelling through Göteborg city yesterday only made it clear to me that I have no idea where she is...  :huh: I'll try next Saturday to locate her again. After work it's already too dark.


Thank you John...




I had to have another go at the hull again.




And I learnt that no matter how much the plywood criss-crosses it doesn't guarantee a straight bulkhead. 




It doesn't show but the slots did not line up so I had to break up the bulkheads again and re-glue them.

Glue never bonds as good as when it's in the wrong place...

But everything is lined up again.


It will be fun making this notch invisible when I paint the hull....

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Hej Ted. My dad is really in to these "skärgårdsbåtar" (something like "archipelago ships" in english). I will give hime a ring and ask were to find documentation, he would know for sure.


As a starter, have a look at www.steamboat.se, there you will information, her home port is "stenpiren" in gothenburg.



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This looks like it will be an interesting build and look forward to following it...


...but stupid question time.  What are the 6 'poles' hanging down the side of the hull?


I only recently learned that similar poles on dreadnoughts etc were for torpedo nets...surely a ferry wouldn't have these  :unsure:




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  • 3 weeks later...


I bought a Nordic Atlast BOHUSLÄN kit in Germany, it's great in wooden details. I still own an BOHUSLÄN kit made by Billing Boats which I didn't start to build. 

If I compare the kits, I see the quality of the fittings made by Billing Boats is much better. They are made of brass, which is a problem, if you want to make the model working. For example the funnel is too heavy.

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First of all, a warm welcome to MSW, I tried to acquire this model when it was available from "Acrossthepond", 

I am very glad to see this kit being done and will follow the progress intently.

My father built SS Mariefred long time ago. Turned out beautiful, however that kit has a plastic hull.

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