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Creole Queen by wim500 - sternwheeler - 1/82 - Wood

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Taking a deep breath and starting all over again with this buildlog.

Luckily Ik kept a log on Donnie's site :).


After 4 ships out of the box (kit) it was about time to build a ship from scratch. I decided to build the Creole Queen riverboat, a commercial paddlesteamer from New Orleans. On a scale of 1/82 the total length will be about 85 cm. I ordered some plans from Dumas for their RC-kit and started to draw my own plans. I will take a lot of time for this build.


The original:



Dumas drawings, nice but not for the hull, no details on the plans.

Their plans were meant for RC-models and not for scratch-build.



Making my own drawings:



Keel and frames:



Middle and stern almost fixed:








To be continued in part 2



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Part 2:

The deck (1 mm plywood):





Sanding, putty, sanding, putty, sanding, painting;


For constructing the windows of the cabins I made a mould:



First cabins, also 1 mm plywood:





White painting and some shutters and doors made out of plasticcard:







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Part 4:



Dryfitting railings:









Dryfitting sternwheel:



Some tests for the top of the chimney:
1 = 160 grams paper
2 = 80 grams paper double with alu-foil
3 = 160 grams paper double with alu-foil
4 = sodacan (0,14 mm)
5 = brass (0,12 mm)




1, 2 and 4 are not firm enough.
3 is firm, but it became very thick.
So it will be the brass I will use for the chimneys.



This is as far the build is now.


With a short break it took me not even an hour to update :).

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I continued with the both paddlewheels, the Creole Queen has indeed two paddle wheels with each three wheels.



The six wheels are loose yet, so I needed a jig for preventing them to turn around.

I hope a picture tells more than words:








I had forgotten to tell you how I've made the wheels:

Wheels are made out of 1 mm plasticcard, one piece of 5mm brass rod, some pieces of 6 mm brass rod and some metal rings.








I hope the pictures will tell the story.

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Just found your build log and I must say I am impressed with your work.  I will be following this with interest. I have ordered the plans to the Belle Of Louisville. Thinking about a build later on for it.

Looking forward to much more and thanks for posting.

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Thanks for looking in and your nice words.

At the moment I'm focussed on the Turtle ship, but in a few weeks I hope to continue with this one.

Have only made a mistake at the paddlewheel, there's too much space between blades/paddles 3 and 4.

But in my opinion the total view is good, so I'm not gonna change that.


The Belle of Louisville is another beautiful riverboat, If you gonna start the build I will follow that closely.

Have fun with the preparations :).

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Haven't done much, so only a small update.


Placed the name of the ship at starboard and port and changed the letters "CQ" by larger ones.




Placed windows and red curtains in the cabin of the 3rd deck.




A first layer of green on the open deck.




Preparing the last deck for the wheelhouse.



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First wooden chimneys are gone in the trash, almost impossible to line the both different diameters.

Started again with cupper pipe for waterworks (15 mm), then ducttape around the 10 mm wooden rod and it fits better than before.


Decorations between the stacks were made of a wooden rod and brass. This was a hell of a job, only after several hours of suffering I was satisfied with the result.










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