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HMY Fubbs 1724 by Mike 41 - (second rebuild) Scale 1:48

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The model is based on the drawings by Portia Takakjian and the practicums by Gene Bodnar and William Romero


I am using the single foothook method. In the single foothook method the whole frames are made up in two halves and are glued to the forward side of the floor timbers.


This my first attempt at this type of construction so don’t be surprised if you see a few do overs.

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The Frames:


The frame drawing just shows one half of each frame. I scanned the drawing and traced the frames in AutoCAD mirrored the images and printed two copies of the fore frame and one of the aft. One copy of the fore frame is used for the master assembly sheet and the other for patterns. By gluing the frames back to back beveling the frames is very straightforward. By clamping each frame to the two adjacent frames and sanding the edges flush makes assemble and final sanding very easy.


The foothook style of frames consist of six pieces and are double frames with a small section of the aft frame removed. I had considered doweling the two sides of the frames together but sense all the frames are glued together it didn’t seem necessary.


This set of photos shows the frames being assembled.










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Hi Brian,


I am using two practicums for references Romero and Bodnar. The practicum by Gene Bodnar uses a simple straight forward approach to the framing that I liked so I started with his style. I plan on using Romero’s book for the carving and fine detail work.


You did an excellent job on your Fubbs. Did you use Portia Takakjian’s method for the hull construction? I am using a gantry type building board.



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Very Interesting i am currently moored in Kennebunkport Maine and a local art studio has "Portia Takakjian" model of the "Essex" in it for sale $ 21,000.  I must go back and look at how the frames are attached if iI can see any details for some reason she only tree nailed the front half of the models deck but truly a work of art She died way to young 

​Your build looks fantastic I will be following from my desk on board


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