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Scissors for getting early close cuts of rigging ties and knots

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You may also look for "iris scissors" on ebay.   And you might ask your Dentist or Family Doc (or Vet for that matter) what they do with old instruments.  Most use disposable stuff today, but a few still use instruments.  If they get a little rusty or dull or bent they get thrown away.  Beg for them to be saved for you instead!



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I have used the same barber shears for years.  The best go for $500 to over $1000, but are meant for thousands of snips per week.  I found a pair with convex edges for $80 that will last a couple lifetimes of rigging without having to be sharpened.   These were $200 shears that I bought at a cosmetics and hair trade show in the last hour of the last day.  I can CUT, not tear even the tiniest strand right at the knot without having to have any tension on the piece being cut.


In the end, quality comes with a price as is usual.



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