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    Model Boat building. History, Travel, photography and good French wine!
  1. Dear Spyglass I have been one of your silent lurkers for the past year and have got a lot out of following your build. The reason for my post is that along with your build, I have been following your recovery since September and I just wanted to wish you the very best for 2015, warmest wishes, Bettina
  2. There is also Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum which is a must for anyone coming to London. Superb Nelson exhibition and tons more. The Cutty Sark is also there, which although is outside your period of interest, is again well worth the visit. And also, do make sure you get to Greenwich by boat! One of the best River trips in the world. I Love London, just in case you can't tell!
  3. Hello Welcome to MSW! It is generally agreed that the Lady Nelson does make an ideal beginners model as there is not the level of complexity that you find in more “advanced” models. The hardest part of any model ship build, in my opinion, is the planking of the hull. So another kit to consider is one of the cross section kits like Occre’s Santisma Trinidad which introduces you to the many elements of model boat building but without the steep learning curve that is the “world of planking”. But whatever model you choose, the very best of luck and I hope you love it, like we all do here, Best wishes, Bettina
  4. Dear Stuart, unfortunately I can only hit the "Like" button once, as i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY Like this!!!
  5. Just a quick follow up for to all you kind folk who took the time in recommending a hand plane. I did buy the Lie Nielson No 100 and it is probably the best tool I have ever bought, worth every penny. Thanks to all
  6. The really big Billings boat 8 pictures down from the right hand corner is the HMS Warrior Best wishes, Bettina
  7. Like most of us following this excellent log, I was always frustrated by the lack of actual images Billings released of the Warrior. One measly promo image by Billings doesn’t really give us the detail we want to see. Anyway browsing through MSW today I saw a thread on the Nurnberg Toy Fair 2014 with a whole lot of (untitled) completed build shots of kits from companies like Corel and Billings and sure enough there are a couple of the Warrior These really do give an idea of scale and size (although we all know we will need big shelves for this kit!). Anyway for those interested I have pasted the link to the index of the photos below. The main Warrior shot is 8 down from right hand corner and then the bow shot is two along from that Best wishes to all, Bettina
  8. Hi Holty, I got a Dremel too for my Birthday last year (best present ever!!!) Still getting to grips with it though and a looking forward to doing some cutting very soon.....! BTW your grating looks superb Best wishes, Bettina
  9. Dear Chuck, I will definitely buy some when available, Please do let me know, Best wishes, Bettina
  10. Dear Alistair, I couldn’t resist in adding my comment on your superb “blue”. After following B.E.’s inspirational Pegasus and then seeing the front cover of the cover of the 2012 Shipwright book, I knew that this was the way I wanted to go (regarding the build and the paint choice) but had doubts on my decisions. After seeing your recent posts however I know I have made the right decision and am experimenting with creating my own blue colour too. I really hope that B.E.'s and your work, inspires more model boat builders to experiment with their colour schemes too rather than follow the suggested colour scheme on most builds. Anyway brilliant stuff, looking forward to more! Best wishes, Bettina
  11. Dear Rodgerdodger, thank you for starting this log. I will be following with interest as I really like the look of this kit and have wondered how the construction would progress. All the best, Bettina
  12. Dear Holty, I actually chose the Pegasus kit as my next build and the quality is tremendous. The difference between the Lady Nelson and Pegasus is vast in terms of wood and detailed parts. Either one will be a good choice but as Pegasus was made and designed just that bit later than Fly and is one of Amatis "new" kits, everything is just that bit better. Best wishes, Bettina
  13. Dear Stuart I too am following your build. After seeing the Warrior last year I have been longing to have a go at building a model of her. However my past experience of Billing Boats have not been good due to the paucity of instructions they include with their kist, so I do wish you all the best in this and will be following the log with great interest. For some of the finer details, I was given at Christmas an excellent book “HMS Warrior - Ironclad: Seaforth Historic Ships Series” which if you don’t already have it, I would strongly recommend. Best wishes, Bettina