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  1. Really good idea. I'm so happy to find this info at the right time. Thank you and Dr. Michael. Lee
  2. Thank you John and Mark for your kind answers. Mark, Now I understand that this unique design of frame structure come from the historical characteristics of French ship, not due to "ANCRE". Am I right? Thanks again for your helps. Lee
  3. Hi, all. I'm a beginner of model ship and learning everyday from this forum with building the HMS ALERT. Recently, I'm thinking the next model ship project and reviewing some books, drawings and build logs. During this, I found that most of frame plans from "ANCRE", the french model ship plan provider, shows all the the frames are laying square to the keel. No cant frames. Is it historically and generally true? Any comment would be helpful to me. I'm so curious about it. Reagrds, Lee