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  1. Christos, I cannot believe that this is your first sailing ship! You are doing a stellar job! Bill
  2. Jon, Thanks for that link. I will check them out, although I am not new to ship building. I am always looking "for a better way" to do things to improve my building because I do not believe that I know all there is to know about ship modeling. Your "Connie" looks great! Bill
  3. I am new to this build log, and am very impressed by your approach. Is the practicum available through Model Expo? Bill
  4. Christos, What a beautiful job! I am amazed! Bill
  5. I just found this thread. You are doing an incredible job! That figurehead is simply stunning! Bill
  6. You are doing a terrific job on this model! I recently won one on eBay for under $200.00, and your thread will be sort of a bible for me. I do have one question. Can anyone here elaborate on the historical accuracy of this ship? I have read that it is more of a composite of Dutch design, but I have seen far too many paintings of very similar Dutch designs. One of those paintings shows a Dutch 80 gun ship named Vest Friesland that shows a very similar ship to the model. The painting dates from the middle 1700s. I'm wondering if the model represents that ship. Bill
  7. I like it! Yellow has always been a difficult color with which to paint. I can never get it to cover well. You have done a great job with it! I cannot wait to see more of your model! I also like your copper plating. Bill
  8. I'm curious about the historical issues with this ship. According to my sources, there was an 80-gun Dutch ship named Vestfriesland. I'm wondering if the kit has any resemblance to that ship? The model does have a decidedly Dutch appearance, and have wondered whether or not there is an actual ship that could be modeled from the kit. Bill
  9. Tim, I just saw this build and am very impressed, especially with the way that you have integrated historical research into your model. My parents had given me this model many years ago, and your efforts have inspired me to build her. I hope that I can do at least half as well as you did on yours! Bill
  10. She's a beautiful ship, and you are doing a wonderful job! Simply stunning! Bill
  11. How did I miss this? I love the German capital ships and will follow along. By the way, if we cannot get these kits in the US, where can we find them? Is there an online source? Bill
  12. Christos, Happy New Year! I also hope that you had a terrific Christmas! I'll say it again; your Hermione is stunning! Bill
  13. Bill Morrison

    Revenge by drobinson02199 -- FINISHED -- Amati

    David, This is a beautiful model! You did an outstanding job! Bill
  14. Bill Morrison

    HMS Greyhound by Old Collingwood - Corel

    I have never really looked into this kit. Now, it is on my wish list! Bill

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