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  1. tapering masts

    I use my drill press on lowest speed then clamp a wood block to the table with a selection of holes to prevent the free end from wandering. Cut the dowel rod a little longer on both ends to clamp in the chuck. I then used a good digital caliper to keep track of the tapering and various grits of sand paper, slow but methodical.
  2. So simple and a great help I never thought of doing this. Sure will help with that pile of wood to sort out. Thanks for the info.
  3. Living here in central Alabama dogwood is very prevalent and grows wild. What would I need to do to prepare fresh cuts for model ship building besides just drying? I have the good old band saw etc. for cutting.
  4. Phantom New York Pilot Boat 1868

    Hey Elijah, Congratulations on your first build, Looks really good. I like your rigging and paint job. MIke
  5. I have an old Ryobi bench top adjustable belt drive drill press that I use. For the drill press and have found a mini chuck on e-bay that works great in the 1/2 inch chuck for micro-bits. On big advantage is the belts can be set down to 540 RPM (my favorite speed) for precise drilling etc. I can also use it as a sander with a low cost sanding drum set. When you look and think about it a bench top drill press can be very versatile. And really, you don't need to spend an arm and leg for one.
  6. Hi Eddie, I am soon to start on my own MS Fair American Kit. During my research on this site I opened the kit build tag and found an updated table of the rigging which I have attached. I am sorry but I cannot remember who to give credit to for this table but it was from this MSW site forum. I hope this helps. Standing & Running Rigging - Brig Fair American.pdf
  7. 203_1941.jpg

    Wow! Awesome detail Great craftsmanship.