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  1. Hi Eddie, I am soon to start on my own MS Fair American Kit. During my research on this site I opened the kit build tag and found an updated table of the rigging which I have attached. I am sorry but I cannot remember who to give credit to for this table but it was from this MSW site forum. I hope this helps. Standing & Running Rigging - Brig Fair American.pdf
  2. Wood strip

    try www.woodprojectsource.com they may help.
  3. Old time Rock-n-roll, a beer, and my dog by my side to talk to.
  4. Strips from a Band Saw

    Thanks so much guys, gave me a good start.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering about stripping thin sheets of wood (i.e. boxwood, walnut, etc.) using a band saw. I currently have a 12 inch saw with a fine tooth blade. Is there any experienced advice or a jig that I can make to cut specific strips that I need? And of course, to do it safely.
  6. Don't you hate it when you drop small parts?

    I gave up fighting lost parts with my self gripping tweezers. They love to spit blocks and dead eyes all over the room. I taught the tweezers a lesson though. I glued some 320 grit sandpaper on the jaws with contact cement. Look out all you throwing/spitting tools Mr. Gator paper is coming!
  7. 203_1941.jpg

    Wow! Awesome detail Great craftsmanship.
  8. Thanks so much for the info. Any more questions come up I'll ask.
  9. OK, my next build is going to be the AL King of the Mississippi. Looking over the plans and photos I noticed that the bow bulwark has hawser holes. Being that you have the hawser holes wouldn't the riverboats have had anchors stowed somewhere? I have been doing research over the last week and cannot find an answer to my question. Can anyone give me some advice on this or a good place to do some research?
  10. Rat line tension tool

    WOW! This idea is what makes this site so valuable to us. Great Idea! Thanks so much.
  11. Correct Parral Question

    Thanks so much guys. I've had another idea that if I buy slightly larger wood beads I can then shape them! Geniuses at work!
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a question about making the yard parrals. About a month ago my wife took me to HOBBY LOBBY for her to get jewelry supplies. While there I noticed that they have "seed beads" that are made of wood and the same size as the blue/black glass beads that are supplied in kits for the parrals. I thought wow! I went and purchased some. Am I correct in my thinking to use these wooden seed beads for parrals? My thinking is that in ancient ships they would not have used glass due to the fracturing/manufacturing issues and depending on the time frame are manufacturers trying to simulate iron? Any advise and comment would be welcome. As my wife says, I am too much of a perfectionist at this hobby (I LOVE IT, fits my old sarge personality!) .
  13. Hi, does anyone know of a source or have plans for a Spanish gun carriage? I am building the San Francisco II galleon and have found out that the Spanish at that time used two wheeled gun carriages. The AL kit comes with four wheeled carriages which at that time were not used by Spain. I am trying to make the model correct as I can with my limited experience even if I have to manufacture my own accessories. Also I would assume that the rigging for the carriage is the same as other carriages. Am I correct?