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  1. Hi James Colin Mudie has designed quite a few replica ships - one of them is the Brendan that was used by Tim Severin in recreating the voyage of St Brendan to the new world (I saw this boat in 1987 when I visited the Irish Heritage Center in county Clare). I have Colin Mudie's book (Colin Mudie Sailing Ships), since it was very helpful in building my sectional model of Dunbrody - which is another of his replica ships. I checked his book and found a couple of photos and a drawing. I'll send them to you as a PM. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi James Would love to see your model - do you have a build log for it?
  3. Hi Dave I have the Prosak model. I've tried a couple of versions of the horizontal rope walks, but I find the Prosak to be really easy to use and very flexible. It can do left or right hand lay and can do 4-strand as well as 3. The length of rope is determined by how high you can mount the Prosak off the floor. I generally make 4 to 6 foot strands, which is long enough for anything I need.
  4. I agree - TurboCad for Mac is excellent. I use the Designer version, which is 2D only and very affordable.
  5. I have both the mill and the milling column for the lathe. The milling column works really well, but the x-axis is limited to the travel of the lathe's cross-slide. It would be a good way to start milling, and I've found having both to be a great advantage when I have repetitive milling activities that would require frequent changing of tooling.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!

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      Thanks Mark!

  7. And if you're going to show a skipjack set up for dredging, then the sails should not be fully deployed. Hadn't known that until I got the book. I also enjoyed the photos of the yawl boat at work.
  8. On my current build I needed to mill a slot on a curved piece. I saw this idea in a build log a while back - I made a table for the mill with a small a peg in it. By keeping the workpiece pressed against the peg and moving the workpiece towards the cutter I was able to mill the slots I needed. It's best to make a series of light cuts, rather than trying to mill off everything in one pass.
  9. I just received a copy of “Working Skipjacks of Deal Island” by Brice N. Stump. The author was a long-term staff member at The Daily Times in Salisbury, MD., and has won numerous awards for his writing and photography. This 350 page book is loaded with over 625 black and white photographs, each with a detailed caption. Most of the photos show the Chesapeake watermen at work, and give you an appreciation of how hard they work in the oystering trade. The book contains a good deal of historic information, anecdotes, and explanations of the work involved. I’m particularly interested in the Skipjack Kathryn, and was pleased with the number and quality of the photos of Kathryn. There are over 70 pages dedicated to Kathryn, and each page has a minimum of two photos and related captions. Some of the photos show the recent rebuilding of Kathryn, while the majority show the vessel and crew at work. There are some really interesting photos of the pushboat in use to maneuver Kathryn. Other skipjacks shown in the book include the City of Crisfield, Somerset, Fannie L. Dougherty, Helen Virginia, Ladie Katie, Curlew III, and Ada Fears. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Skipjacks or the oystermen of the Chesapeake. Priced at $56, it’s a limited press run and available at
  10. If you click on the Search field a drop-down menu for search options expands to the left of the Search field. (I'm using Safari 10.0.3)
  11. I'll participate if you go forward with this.
  12. I might be interested - can you give us more info on the available cutter sizes and the available shanks?
  13. Here are a few suppliers:
  14. Hi Allan I'd also like a copy. Thanks
  15. That unit on Amazon is a really good price for that kind of tool. The foot control is especially useful.