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  1. Excellent ideas and workmanship, Wefalk - thanks for sharing this!
  2. I agree with your feelings about Sherline's customer support. I've had many dealings with them and all have been positive experiences.
  3. Hi Elia: I totally agree. I ordered this supplement after you told me about it during your recent visit, and it's everything you said. Now I'm confident I'll be able to make the sails for Kathryn when I reach that point (in the distant future).
  4. R.I.P. Captain Bob

    I had the pleasure of visiting Bob several times over the last few years. Bob was a kind and good man, and will be missed. May he rest in peace.
  5. The photography in the book "Working Skipjacks of Deal Island" is all black and white. This photo of Kathryn during the recent rebuild shows the color of the paneling inside the cabin, and also shows the frames and ceiling planks left natural. When I visited the Kathryn after the rebuild the interior planking that I was able to see was all natural, and I think I remember the cabin deck and settees being grey. The exterior colors I'm using are Liquitex acrylics. The white is Titanium White and the bottom color is Burnt Sienna. The black stripe is Mars Black. These paints will develop a shine after a few coats, so I mix Liquitex Matte Medium into the paint to prevent too much sheen.
  6. I've tried a couple of times to send a PM to a particular member, but it doesn't show in my messages. As a test I sent a PM to another member and it does show. Is this because the recipient has a full mailbox? There's no indication of this as there used to be in the old software.
  7. This was my first scratch build, based on a novel by Robin Hobb