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  1. May I say well done to the admin for the smooth transition from the old MSW to the new . Brilliant job
  2. Wow stunning work Michael the attention to detail is brilliant BV
  3. Merry Christmas to you all BV
  4. Those planks look a lot better. Hope you get over the flu quickly and looking forward to seeing your your next update Happy Christmas BV
  5. Hi Mr Pucko the good thing with Deag is they supply a lot more wood than you need. Having built three of their kits I have lots left over BV
  6. I would definitely ask for a replacement pack Pucko . I know it's only the first planking but its not the quality you should expect BV
  7. Very nice work Sjors I must admit I built the belfry but once placed on the deck it just looked to big so made my own BV
  8. Wow what a fantastic trip Bob I would love to go on one of these wonderful ships. BV
  9. Hi Donln the Victory comes with very detailed instructions and history in the magazines plus there is the official build on the Model Space forum and also the video build brilliant stuff BV
  10. Thank you all for the help and advice we have now got it sorted BV
  11. Hi Donln if you want a ship that's not to hard to build the San Felipe from them is a nice start I have built it and it looks brilliant when finished BV
  12. Wow that's brilliant Neptune thank you very much now off to look for some chess set Cheers BV
  13. Thanks for the help Tadeusz and druxey I will start looking around the web for something suitable. Rgd Martyn
  14. Having built the sovereign of the seas from Deag it's a stunning ship and no way I could afford it if it wasn't a part work plus you get the back up of there forum. There instructions are second to none with lots of information and history. BV