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    1:100 Santa Maria 'First Step' - Amati

    Nice looking kit and some brilliant ideas to make it very straight forward to build. And the future of the hobby needs the younger ones. Iooks like the young lad is having fun with the build Martyn
  2. Well done my friend stunning work Martyn
  3. Really great progress, lovely work on the carvings Martyn
  4. Hi all A bit more done on the Vasa . The bulkheads have all been glued to the keel and the stern frames fitted. Next job gluing the reinforcements to the inside the framework. Till next time thanks for following Martyn
  5. Stunning work Michael and glad the lights work as its a nightmare getting them out Martyn
  6. Thanks for the likes and comments guys Hi Michael and cheers for the pictures of the keel.There is going to be a lot of modifying on the false keel once it gets glued on to include all the joints. Hi YT I can see where you are coming from but I think she is lucky ship as it would have been a lot worse if she had a full complement of crew when she went down plus she was very near the shore. Also I love this ship as she has the most bonkers carvings I have ever seen. Thanks all for following my build Martyn
  7. Oops made a bit of a bobo just looked at the instructions and there are another two sections a centre one and a smaller stern section. I think I will be making a bigger kell stand Martyn
  8. Thanks for the likes and comments I have started fitting the bulkheads to the kell and wow she is a beast as the bow section is huge and there is another section to go. The bulkheads slide into the slots snugly I had to adjust only one as it was a bit tight but a little clean up with a file it slide in with out a fuss. Next step the stern section. Till next time. Martyn
  9. Hopefully this kit will be offered as a full kit but they usually run for a year before that Martyn
  10. I thought it was available in the USA . The quality is very impressed very little laser char on the frames and they slide together with a snug fit . Here's a few pictures of the first issue Martyn
  11. This is my build of the Deag Vasa . Having built the Corel offering I vowed never to build one again until I saw this one. The main thing that persuaded me as it has been designed with the help of the Vasa museum and Fred Hocker the museum director. It's not 100% accurate but as close as you can get with the restrictions of a commercial kit and a lot more historical accurate than anything out there I have downloaded the instructions from the build site and looking at them it's really impressive with hundreds of cast carvings and good quality wood. I have the first 6 issues and the quality looks first class with very crisp castings with very little mold lines and no flash. I have built two of the cannons and painted some of the decorations. I will be changeing a few things but really impressed. Martyn
  12. Looks much better. I used contact adhesive to glue the tiles on Martyn
  13. Hi all and thanks for the likes and comments. Sorry I haven't updated for a while as work and life has been manic but still been working on the Triny. She is now complete so hear are a few pictures Martyn
  14. I wish I had followed this with mine as they do look better. I will try and smooth mine off on the under side so if it doesn't work it will not notice. Have fun sticking them on . Martyn
  15. Stunning work on the cannons Michael glad to see you back m8 Martyn

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