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  1. admin test
  2. I'm having the same problem as I have started a build of the Soliei Royal but the build site won't let me continue after I put in the build name and have followed the instructions to the letter. I would love to post my progress on the site but no go at the moment Thanks in advance for any advice Martyn
  3. Glad to be of help I haven't posted any pics of mine as I started it ages ago but hope to post pics of my new build some time soon BV
  4. Hi jhart I used 0.5 brown lines on mine. Looking forward to seeing your build m8 BV
  5. Hi I was born in Kent many moons ago but moved to Suffolk 20 years ago for a slower pace of life. My ancestors came from Scotland and my Grandad was in the Royal Navy during the First World War and my dad was in the Merchant Navy on tankers in the Second World War Rgd Martyn
  6. Wow cheers mate now that is simple thanks for the help Eddie Martyn
  7. Thanks Dilbert for the response the only problem is that I haven't got a PC just the iPad my old Pc bit the dust awhile ago Martyn
  8. Hi all just wondering how to post pictures with a iPad as I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to technology so it has to be a idiots guide I am going to start a build of the Sol Royal by Deag after finishing off my Vasa in a couple of weeks and would love to share my build with you. Thanks for helping. Black Viking aka Martyn
  9. I used a three shift pattern on mine and it looked ok not to busy unlike the four shift I used on the Sovereign. Hope this helps BV
  10. Merry Christmas to you all BV
  11. Wow what a fantastic trip Bob I would love to go on one of these wonderful ships. BV
  12. Hi Donln the Victory comes with very detailed instructions and history in the magazines plus there is the official build on the Model Space forum and also the video build brilliant stuff BV
  13. Thank you all for the help and advice we have now got it sorted BV
  14. Hi Donln if you want a ship that's not to hard to build the San Felipe from them is a nice start I have built it and it looks brilliant when finished BV
  15. Wow that's brilliant Neptune thank you very much now off to look for some chess set Cheers BV