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  1. Looks much better. I used contact adhesive to glue the tiles on Martyn
  2. Hi all and thanks for the likes and comments. Sorry I haven't updated for a while as work and life has been manic but still been working on the Triny. She is now complete so hear are a few pictures Martyn
  3. I wish I had followed this with mine as they do look better. I will try and smooth mine off on the under side so if it doesn't work it will not notice. Have fun sticking them on . Martyn
  4. Stunning work on the cannons Michael glad to see you back m8 Martyn
  5. Just caught up with your build and all I can say is wow . Very well done my friend can't wait to see the figure head finished Martyn
  6. Definitely have to agree with popeye your carvings look a lot better than the cast ones Martyn
  7. I have been following this restoration since the start and all I can say wow a brilliant job and a real masterpiece Martyn

    Vasa builders FYI

    The Deag one is a new production with lots of help from the Vasa museum and probably the most accurate one out there but it's a pity they have used the museum model in their video as it doesn't show the kit . I am just about to start this one so will let you know how good it is. Martyn
  9. Wow sorry to hear this Michael. Hope you and the Admiral get well soon and you are back posting again Martyn
  10. Brilliant job on the carvings Elj totally inspirational Martyn
  11. Ratlines probably the most tedious things on the planet Martyn
  12. I have posted several lists of rip off company's on different forums I am on to flag up to people where not to go and the forum that seem to be the advertising site for these ripoff kits 😡 I think we know who that is 😠 Martyn
  13. absolutely stunning loving this build more and more Elj . Martyn
  14. Hi I don't know how long ago he went there but the museum has been revamped and is open all year. I went there in May and was very impressed. The Victory and the museum are worth a visit as well and they are just across from the Mary Rose. It is best to get there just as they open as it gets very busy later on. Hope this helps, Martyn
  15. I'm in but just wondering how much it will be to ship to the UK ? . I would love to build something like this as I have never built a plank on frame. Martyn

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