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    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Opps sorry it's the trick of the camera Eddie . Very nice planking m8 Martyn
  2. Hi as promised a few pictures of the tool I made Martyn

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Looking good Snoepert. Looking at the planking on the top section there should be a 1mm overlap that looks like a clinker built ship . I don't know if it's the angle of the camera but the planks look butted up . Martyn
  4. Hi Nirvana.The tool I have made is very simple. I had some thin brass strip which I bent into shape of the scarf joint and glued it to some left over planking from the first layer with some CA glue and then fitted a handle from a cut down paint brush. The edge of the strip was sharpened with a file so it leaves a impression in the wood when pressed into it . I will take some more pics tomorrow in some better light. Thanks for the comments Martyn
  5. Thanks for the comments and the likes A bit more done on the Vasa . The second planking has now been started and after a conversation with Fred Hocker from the Vasa museum the planks have scarf joints and not butted up so after a lot of head scratching I came up with a little tool . The wood of the second planking is quite soft and the tools sharp edge marks the wood quite well and it gives a uniform joint . All I've got to do is plank the rest of the ship Thanks for looking Martyn

    How did you find MSW?

    A member of this forum told me about how good this forum was so I joined and I must admit he was right Martyn
  7. She is looking absolutely stunning m8 lovely work Martyn
  8. Hi all and I hope you have had a great xmas. The hull is now finished with the first planking and the gunports marked out and cut . The gunports where slightly tilted to follow the whales as on the real ship. The stern was the next job . It was planked as per instructions and the stern chasers marked out ready for cutting. And its now for a mammoth sanding job. Martyn
  9. Oh well that's me off the forum trouble is mine is still to neat Martyn
  10. Cheers for all the feedback guys and looking at the plan of the decks omg that's really all over the place but I can see how it happened as Mike said they had two different measurements from the different rules one being 12 inch to the foot the other 10 inch to the foot certainly made for confusion Martyn

    Vasa by Snoepert - De Agostini

    Hi m8 the model that Deag shows is the 1-10th from the Vasa museum and the nails are the ones that hold the planks to the ribs on the real ship . After I have put the second planking on mine I will be reproducing these on the side of my hull. Hope this helps Martyn
  12. Magnificent work Elj she is certainly a beast. Happy holidays m8 Martyn
  13. Thanks for all the comments and likes guys A bit more done on the Vasa . The decks have been fitted and rubbed down then the planks glued over the top. Once dry the random size of the planks were marked with a sharp pencil quite difficult to do as I wanted to get them all the same. The planks were given a coat of mid oak stain. Next job finishing the hull. Thanks for looking Martyn
  14. Thanks Mark the link works fine and have joined. Nothing like first hand knowledge. Martyn
  15. Thanks Mark and druxey for the help. If you could put up the link Mark I would be most grateful. Thanks again for the help. Martyn

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