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Greetings! I'm an American international management consultant, currently assigned to Cairo Egypt. I was introduced to ship modeling with an incomplete solid wood model of the Flying Fish when I was in HS. a few years later, I worked on the Cutty Sark and the Charles W. Morgan. I'm also a stained glass artist, so at some point will be providing some ideas on working with copper strips, since these are an integral part of stained glass work.


I've got two projects underway, the first being Amati's Egyptian Transport, from ca. 4,000 BC. While that model is based on carvings in a tomb, excavations at the Khufu (great) pyramid discovered two boats from ca 4200, almost in good enough condition to float today. At some point, when I get to a build log on the Egyptian Transport, I'll add pictures of the original ship. (the second ship is still being reconstructed and waiting a new home in the expanded Egyptian Museum. They're interesting because the planks (from the cedars of Lebanon) were primarily sewn together rather than being pegged. The Khufu boats are the oldest surviving wooden boats in the world.


About a year ago I started Model Shipways' USF Essex, and I've gotten the hull planked (but not completely shaped) and am about to start installing the deck. Hope to join the Essex blogs in a few days.


Anyway, here's a start to the conversation...

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Welcome back to the world of model ship blogs, I am particularly fond of the Egyptian boats. The beautifully illustrated book "ships of the Egyptian Pharaohs" by Bjorn Landstrom is one of my favourites. I also have the "boat beneath the Pyramid", Text by Nancy Jenkins Photographs by John Ross




A name would be good far traveler 


Regards Michael

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Hello FarTraveler and welcome  aboard,


Can you please tell us your real name?

Good luck with your projects.

I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.




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Welcome to MSW!! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your tips for working with copper as new ideas are always welcome. Your Egyptian boat builds also sound very interesting as they are outside the normal builds that we see everyday. Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing pictures of your work! 

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On ‎3‎/‎3‎/‎2017 at 10:21 AM, FarTraveler said:

I'm Dan Blumhagen. I typically use a pseudonym because I've worked in so many hostile environments.



    This is a pretty non-hostile environment here.  Occasionally you will see a low level barroom brawl break out, but that is merely a friendly disagreement among passionate ship modelers.  Welcome aboard!!

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Welcome, Dan.


My avatar is a photo of me and the Admiral, taken in November, 2011.  Since you are in Cairo, you may appreciate the story.


We signed up for a tour of Egypt and Jordan scheduled for the first week of February, 2011.  but the uprising on January 25 caused a change in plans; the tour operator offered a refund, or reschedule to the fall.


We still wanted to see the sights, and their elections were to be in September, so we rescheduled for November.


We got there just in time for the delayed elections, and it was an absolutely fascinating trip.  We saw all the sights, (with very small tourist crowds), and also the run-up to the elections.  We were in Luxor on election day.  There was a bit of additional security, but we never felt personally threatened or unsafe.  All the demonstrations and government reactions were "internal business" and tourists were made to feel welcome even by some demonstrators at the Alexandria Library that came over to our group to talk to us and tell us the Library was open and feel free to go in...


I'm glad we went when we did - it's been sounding a bit less enjoyable since then.


All the best,










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