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AlexBeranov and Garward also use the bitumen so you might have a look that their logs.

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Captain Steve,


What is pleasant with these mixes, everyone can create a mix which suits his needs. I do not follow any ratios. I add bitumen till I am satisfied with the result on a test piece of wood.


In this case, 3 ingredients are involved; bitumen, tung oil and turpentine.

Bitumen and tung oil can be mixed together but it is easier if turpentine is used first to help to dissolve the bitumen.


Bitumen can be applied with or without the tung oil together or separately. Again,  testing is the answer.


When possible, I prefer 1 coat of tung oil. I have never tried by example 10 coats, but I suspect that there woul be a kind of brilliant finish with a certain thickness. Also I think that this finish could be  reflective to the camera flash. I prefer the look of 1 coat, because it has a more natural look without this plastic finish. This reflective surface was particuliary true with linseed oil teck oil which, I guess, are not as refine.




when you say that it sort of acts like a wash in oil painting  this is true especially for the first coat but not so  true for the second coat depending of the drying tie between the 2 coats.

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Hey Gaetan 


For me the trick of applying pure tung is to cut the first coat 50/50 with mineral spirits and then apply a second coat at full strength 24 hours later.  I found that the thinned first coat insured even absorption of the second coat.  Also much less seepage which is a tendency of pure tung. 


I am using Bitumen patina (which is a liquid) sold by art stores in Europe.  It sounds like you are using the solid form of Bitumen.  As far as the bitumen mix I've only used one coat thinned 50/50 with spirits after the tung is fully cured (a few days later) and it did go on like a wash.  I haven't attempted a second bitumen coat - I'm sure the ageing effect would be more pronounced.  


I am curious to see how the effect would change if mixed it directly in the tung oil instead of used as a top coat.  Ill have to try that one !


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To All;

I know this topic is a few years old, but what a great exchange of information! Thank you to ChrisLBren for starting it and maintaining the decorum that one should always expect at MSW!



Sincere Regards,



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