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  1. An excellent choice. I do have some info available about this model.
  2. Thanks for the comments But if I look closely at the photos. My painting and weathering skills have become a bit "rusty" after a summer of rigging and sailmaking on my Pelican. Next model will be better 😇
  3. 5 Weasels are slowly becoming active again First to do is making the wheels and tracks. On the original resin model this was quite primitive. The aim is to make an idler, sprocket and 4 bogies to determine the positions of the wheel assembly. Work in (slow) progress a primitive test bogie Thanks for following
  4. Time to finish this build Added some rust and some bare metal here and there. Glued the model on a base plate and gave a matt black wash. Tagged and stored with his T34 and SU brothers and sisters. Thanks everyone for following, comments and likes.
  5. Very nice motorcycle 👍 (a DKW 350 ?) rifle and uniform.
  6. Couldn't resist 😇 (sorry for posting this in your build) from top to bottom : K wagen prototype (scratch) A7V (resin ) Mother tank (airfix) Saint Chamond (scratch) FT17 (mathbox)
  7. More progress Painting in base color Add a cable (2 russian towingeyes and some rope) turret parts glued together made "a mess" with some mat Black 😇 turret installed A free style 3 tone camauflage (the black mess is a bit less messy 😉) dry brushing with light grey metal parts painted and ammo boxes in differend colors to be continued.
  8. Welcome, I found one Mayflower from Billing Boats
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