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  1. Or from now on I must wear safety clothing like at the factory where I work. Workclothes helmet safety glasses ear protection gloves and ... safety shoes
  2. Hopefully for you not 3 months do this do that do this do that
  3. Thanks GL Mostly the cannons on armed merchantman (and probably also on some warships) came from different sources. They used what was available. That is why most cannonbarrels below deck are different. And these 4 are certainly different. At the time, the barrels were forged one by one and then placed on large costum made heavy beams. Let us say that 3 pieces were already painted when they came on board. The 4th was not painted, and the budget was too low to buy extra paint Errors (not vissible on the picture) 2 Nails (bolts) come through the wood on the inside and it is now impossible to remove them.
  4. The 4 cannons are ready. Together with a part of the necessary extra parts and tools. Make hooks. Drilling holes The installation of the parts has started.(the cannons are not yet glued to the deck) Here and there I made some errors on the inside of the hull, the intention is to hide these errors with various items. These cannons look really medieval and inappropriate on a ship from this time. But historically they are correct. One cannon is placed in the front castle. I still have two small cannons to make. Thanks for following.
  5. Thanks Carl The sprues have been drilled approximately 3.5 mm deep. Caution is required during drilling. The bore is 3 mm and the outside diameter of the barrel is only 4 mm. I used 4 drills. 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm. all drilled by hand. This is how I make plastic strips. A "photo cutter" is ideal for doing this. I have the desired thicknesses and widths always in stock this way. Bore unpainted Painted. Interior in matte black. The "top of the barrel" is then accented with pencil (also possible with matt silver)
  6. beautiful work Steven (I have the same problem on my Golden Hind )
  7. Thank you everyone for following and the nice comments. The construction of the guns continues slowly. I build each cannon as a separate model, something like my military model building on a 1/72 scale. progress of the cannons, and i made metal rings of different diameters. Top left in the photo are a few (low quality) purchased cannon barrels that I wanted to use first. to be continued.
  8. It is always a pleasure to come and visit here. And enjoy your beautiful and realistic paintings. Great work!!
  9. Great work, this is going to be a beautiful model.
  10. Thanks Lawrence, Started making 4 "wrouth iron" cannons. This type of cannon was still in use during this period. The base: 4 blocks of cherry wood. A hole is drilled and a piece is cut out. The block is cut to shape and sanded. The cannon barrel. the first piece is a test, Made from a piece of plastic sprue and various pieces of plastic strip. Bolts are made from stretched sprue. No stress Ready to paint. Painted and weathered and ready. 1 done 3 more to go. Thanks for following

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