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  1. Dag Patrick,


    Ik  las net de commentaar van Ab Hoving op de Pelican (Golden Hind). Ik denk dat dit er eentje is om in te kaderen. Niet iedereen ontvangt zoiets.

    Doe zo voort, je bent duidelijk goed bezig.

    Ik denk net het zelfde over uw project als Mr Hoving maar ik ben slechts een nederige amateur. Mijn complimenten wegen niet zo zwaar als die van hem, maar ze zijn zeker even welgemeend.




    1. Backer



      Ben er zelf een beetje van geschrokken (ben er nog van onder de indruk),  wie had dat verwacht. 

      U een amateur???

      Jij kan dingen maken die mijn petje te boven gaan.


      Dank u voor dit bericht. 

      Groetjes,  Patrick 

  2. If you read the entire text in the link in my previous post. Then you read that this is also a possibility. Only difficult to perform by the crew to stock it there. Let's say you have a great crew, that also is very handy 😉
  3. A compliment from someone with so much experience. Thank you very much I try to do this as best I can. It seemed so simple at first, find a plan and get started. Actually, I'm glad I didn't follow a plan, this is much more challenging.
  4. Most of the time during this era the "life boat" was in tow behind the ship. https://www.vasamuseet.se/en/collections/find-in-focus/espingen---vasas-longboat It has been discussed whether Vasa's esping was towed behind the ship or carried on deck, and where it was when the ship sank. We currently believe that the esping was normally towed, as it was too large and unwieldy to have been brought on board.
  5. Billings Vasa was my first wooden shipmodel. Sometimes difficult, But time and patience is what you need. Good luck
  6. Indeed, in some cases the first shroud was with serving. And yes, Vasa only has serving on 1 side of the mizzenmast (very confusing) Sometimes I am lazy 😳
  7. First, welcome to MSW. Nice work The occre Golden hind is a copy of the replica in London. Not historically correct, but actually no model of this ship is correct (neither is mine) Nobody knows what this ship ever looked like. If you like the occre GH model, then you build this one Personally, I like the Dusek GH model more. Good luck
  8. Update, All deadeyes are provided with chains. Found that the iron "ring" around a deadeye calls a deadeye strap. With a head, a neck and a foot. The blocks for the fore mast backstays are ready. And now working on the next batch of deadeyes. And, was there serving around the shrouds or not in the 16th century?? Thanks for following, likes and comments.
  9. Thanks, This is roughly the same explanation as on wikipedia and other websites. The Weasel : Designed to drive through the snow during operations in Norway. But ended up on all fronts except, in Norway
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