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  1. "the hoe on the feet" and "I've shot myself in the foot"... I just do 🤣 These rails are going to be more work But in the end you will be more satisfied with your model
  2. Thanks for all the nice comments and helpful info. Much appreciated 👍 The sails and footropes attached on the yards The how I made them, step by step. A plan with the general idea of the dimensions The basic material, not the normal papertissue but a slightly harder version. The PVA glue diluted with water with a drop of brown paint Cut to size fold Moisten with the PVA solution Shape with tweezers and fingers (then let 24h dry ) The footropes, copper wire bent in to shape 4 holes, dri
  3. After finnishing the fore and main mast, i started with the mast top of the mizzen mast. There is a choice with or without a mast top. I chose to build a mast top, but smaller and simpler than the 2 previous ones. A little too much removed from the fore castle So, repair and repainting. The modified version (almost correct) The 3 masts and the bowsprit dry fitted in place (and someone is taking a nap 😴) My loyal assistant, on the lookout in the mast top The wooden parts of the masts are now ready, the masts are
  4. It is a pity that nowadays you can only drive 100 km per hour in the Netherlands on the highway. Boring, boring, boring (long live the German autobahn 🏎️ ) But, at this speed less fuel consumption per 100km with my car 120km per hour 10 to 11 liters 100km per hour 7 to 8 liters
  5. windows certainly not silver. I've seen some kind of light blue used on this forum once. this gave a good result. but the choice is yours
  6. There were one-piece masts. made of tall straight trees. And there were made masts (parts from several sawn trees) Made masts are with rope (to keep the pieces together) one-piece masts not
  7. Indeed a nice start. I would try to see first if the parts of the hull and decks fit properly. And even glue them together if necessary Otherwise, if they dont fit properly you may have to touch up the paint later on . Airfix parts usually fit well, But you never know
  8. Between the main and mizzen masts on the upper deck is a good place. red bay.pdf ( if the link doesn't work , page 11 of the Pelican build)
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