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  1. The wheels tracks and side skirts. Extending the kit's side skirts was not a good idea. So new are made. All parts are prepainted. Because the model has side skirts there will be little visible of the wheels, suspension, tracks etc. The return rollers are certainly hard to see. So I don't pay much attention to them. All "axes" have different lengths. Will be adjusted later after drying The sprocket need to be adjusted So that all wheels are in line. A few drops of CA glue. This significantly shortens the drying time. Wit
  2. Only one original mast top from the 16th century exists, and that's that of the Mary Rose. (Replicas of 16th century ships are not really reliable for information) I solved the problem like this (post 546).
  3. My first idea was also a Panzerbuchse. And it took me a while to figure out what it actually was.
  4. Kettenkrad and 10.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40 (probably Russia, summer 1942 ) Couldn't resist, sorry 😇
  5. Congrats with your Panther One tank built, many others left to build also?😉
  6. kit parts replaced by own work That is the modeling microbe That strikes you 😉
  7. I do more WWII modeling then modern . so, no idea if they are correct 😳
  8. Welcome back Nice collection of ship models.
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