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  1. The movie is all over the Internet, if you know where to look. I just watched in my PC, way in the outback of Normandy. We've got more cows here then people. The book which can be found on the Internet is much better, it shows the charater interactions amongst the players & various players thoughts abut the other players, something the movie leave out. Richard
  2. Chris There is an ancient Egyptian boat in very good condition in a museum at the base of the pyramids. It's a bit earlier the the middle kingdom under Hatshepsut's , by about 1000 years. It date from the period of the pyramids. Richard
  3. Please don't go crazy. You are doing a fantastic job. I think that we can all realize and appreciate the work that you are doing. Richard
  4. Chris, Could you go into some detail on what the difference is between the 2 versions. Richard
  5. I also wanted to thank BE. He is proving to very helpful on my build of lady Eleanor. I've learned a tremendous amount by following him. Merci Richard
  6. I'm was getting worried that the Flirt was being forgotten with in the Victory. I want to Flirt around as soon as I've finished Lady Eleanor. Since the Victory has a bit more rigging then the Flirt and if your worried about not having enough swear words, I'd be happy to translate your list into to french. Am waiting with a great deal of expectation, as I am sure are many others, on your Victory build. Je vous souhaite la meilleure construction possible. Richard
  7. Thank you for the tulle tip & how you planked. By using water, do you mean soaking the lime wood planks for about 20 minutes, near to boiling water before trying to fit them? That's what I did for the pear wood bulk works. What do you mean by heat?, a hair drier. Sorry to bug you, this is my first attempt a model boat. If I succeed with this one, "Flirt" will be next on my list. After that, who knows the "Victory" if I can find the room. Richard
  8. There is one thing that sort of bothers me with the modification you have made to the wheel. Where does the helmsman stand. Normally he would want to face forward, behind the wheel. The mechanism would sort of prevent this & plus he would have to stand on the thwart (further from the boat's center of gravity, a bit more unstable). What did you make the nets from ? Are you going to add a fish smelling perfume to the open hatch ? I've had to hold up on my Eleanor since I'm spending some unscheduled time in the hospital. As soon as I get put I'll be starting the 1st planking. Did you start in the middle for that and work towards the bow and stern and pin as you went along? Did you also soak the lime planks to get them to fit better? Richard
  9. I am just a beginner and following your build with a great degree of interest. I will start to do my (and the) 1st planking of my Eleanor starting Wednesday when I get back to Paris from Normandy. Normandy is train time. As a small comment, Eleanor of Aquitaine is buried at about a 2 hour drive from here, along with her son Richard. What sort of glue did you use for the 1st planking ? I was thinking of PVA and holding it in place with the supplied pins, at least over night. My AMATI nail nailer arrived just last week. I liked your tip about collecting the sawdust from the 2nd planking to smooth things out. I'll collect all my sawdust now.
  10. What was your solution ? I hope to build the "Flirt" as my next project. Richard
  11. Has any used Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylique. They come in a nice selection of colors They seem to have a good consistency & are all rather thick; haven't yet tried their yellow, but have used their titanium white, red oxide and ivory black. I'm just starting out and have essentially zero experience in painting. Humbrol I can get in France, Admiralty paints I'd have to order from the UK. Richard
  12. I wanted to thank you very much. I'm just finishing the fairing of my Eleanor. Your adventures on your efforts to do the first planking will be very helpful for me. Richard
  13. I'm still waiting for my Eleanor to arrive. Chis you were right, it got to the door of my apartment building on Friday (yesterday) . If I owned a hat, I'd eat it. Unfortunately UPS didn't know enough on how to get into the building. I called them and explained how to enter, just a standard french door bell (go wonder). They offed to deliver on Tuesday, I told them to wait until Wednesday since I won't home on Tuesday (grrr!). Next time I won't question you again 🤐. Richard
  14. Wow, the kit really is complete. Thank you Chris, un grand merci beaucoup.

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