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  1. The next task was to lay the four sections of false decking. I spent quite some time aligning the sections,making sure the joints were as tight as possible and the center joints were true to the center line of the bulkhead former. I used clamps on the outboard side and 1/32" brass brads down the center line,which were removed and holes filled after PVA had set The beakhead deck was planked,a #2 pencil used to create caulking. The beakhead bulkhead was planked on both sides. After looking at this part of the construction I decided to add some details like the doo
  2. Greetings to all, I have decided to restart my build log for my present project.... Model Shipways USF Confederacy. My 2 previous attempts disappeared from the forum without a trace and I'm hoping that 3rd time is a charm. I won't go back to square one,but will continue on from the last point I was at,which was completion of the stem,keel,false decks and bulkhead formers. The only thing I can add to this part of the build that might be useful to others was the use of AARP cards to keep a uniform distance between the exposed frames while glue sets. 870 kb · Don
  3. Looks very nice Gary. You have been making great progress with the build. I'm just about to fit the battens to frame the gun ports. So at my present pace,I should be where you are about this time next year!
  4. Looking good Gary,starting to look like a frigate. Nice progress on the construction. I'm still messing around with stern,just a bit more filling and fairing to go. Seems like I have been at this for quite some time.
  5. My condolences for your brother, Gary. I hope your family can still have a fine thanksgiving,even under the present sad circumstances.
  6. My condolences for your brother, Gary. I hope your family can still have a fine thanksgiving,even under the present sad circumstances.
  7. I have also had this happen to me. The first time,it was completely my error by hitting the delete button. I assumed when I did this that I was just deleting the post I was writing and not the whole log. Luckily for me, Chuck and Dirk were able to retrieve it for me. The second time this happened, while I was on the forum reading and adding to other member posts, I had not been to my build site. I had been fairing the Confederacy and had nothing to add to my log during this process. When I eventually went to do some updates to my log, it was gone......I had no interaction with the log in anywa
  8. I'll post the pictures again. It has not been a good digital day.
  9. Yes you can indeed......I am really chuffed with the way it works. I can use a fair bit of force and it keeps sanding away without problems. The long neck and small head can get into some really small places with ease. I have been using these Oral B brushes for years on my teeth.they are powerful,last a long time per charge and go on for years. I wish I could use it to sand away those extra pictures that are not supposed to be there,as I can't edit them away
  10. Greetings to all, I have been doing a lot of sanding lately fairing the hull and constructing the stern on the Confederacy. For fine details like the lintels and sills on the windows I thought a detail sander would be a help. Besides the expensive prices,I found MicroMarks on back order and Proxxon's PS 13 to have quite a few bad reviews. Whilst looking on line I found the idea on U tube of using a n electric toothbrush. On my next trip shopping I found an Oral B rechargable one for $10 and decided to give it a try. What else was needed was some double sided tape,sandpaper and gaske
  11. I agree with Mark,sand down and fill in the gaps in the deck. It has been a long time since I built the Swift.... If I remember correctly the hull is double planked. The first basswood layer makes it easier to rectify mistakes,once again filling and sanding to make a good shape and surface to glue the outer layer of veneer to. Take your time and don't get discouraged over mistakes. When you are done they won't be noticed.... It will be the over all look of the whole model your eyes take in. You will have learned a lot of how-to knowledge in the process.
  12. Welcome to the forum dooder85. My first plank on bulkhead model was the Swift. It is a nice kit and makes a very nice finished model........I think it is a really good choice for an initial build.
  13. Hi Mike, Very nice work so far. I like the idea of a ship build that is not a warship for a change. When Woodland Scenic lettering.... I used a really thin board in the right shape and color. Then sprayed it with Dullcote (if unsealed), transfered the letters and then another thin coat of Dullcote. Thanks for the info on inserting text
  14. Hi Gary, I'm following your and Dirk's stern assemblies very carefully and book marking them for future reference when I get to that part. "I will at least continue to check the hull for "fairness". " Point taken... I have ordered a small machinist square and a couple of Machinist 1-2-3 square blocks from Amazon to help myself get the bulkheads at a true right angle to the Bulkhead former. I'll have to wait until they arrive to continue with chapter 2,but with my eye sight plowing ahead would probably end in disaster.
  15. For some reason I couldn't edit my previous post to add.. I would use 0000 grade steel wool instead of 1500 grit paper to prep non flat items such cannons
  16. Greetings all, I messed about with the preparation and application of B.C. Brass Black for a while on one of my builds and finally found a way to get good results with it.
  17. I have had one for a few years now and find it works well for modeling purposes. You can also use it as a stand to hold the Dremel when using the flex shaft attachment. I use the 4486 keyless chuck with mine.
  18. Gary, That is a brilliant idea for temporarily reinforcing the bulkhead extensions. Your construction is proceeding very nicely indeed. I contacted John at Model Expo about the plywood in my kit and he said new material would be shipped... I will start my build log when it arrives. It will be nice to have building log still in the somewhat early stages of construction to check in on about what lies ahead.
  19. Hi Gary, I just ordered the Confederacy this morning from Model Expo. I will follow your log with interest as I proceed with my build.
  20. Greetings to all, Well the diversion into wagon building is completed. I have enjoyed building the kit,and it is now back to the ship construction for me. It was nice to have a project that could be completed in a shortish period of time,as I have been working to make Corel's Unicorn into a reasonable rendition of a 'first frigate' for quite a time. I have left the canvas cover in my wife's hands. I decide whether to attach it fully covering the bed or folded up when she is finished.
  21. I then used the right angle jig to glue the components together using Titebond 3 and JB Weld's Woodweld epoxy. It is the first time I used Woodweld and I think it is a good product. It sets up in 6 minutes and is fully cured in 1-3 hours. An added bonus is it dries a tan colour and is easily painted. I kept everything square,used clamps and rubber bands and was pleased everything went together well. Just a few more bits of ironwork to add on and then on to the chuck box........
  22. Greetings All' Some progress made on the wagon bed. Components were painted beforehand,masking the surfaces to be glued.
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