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  1. Hi Mike, Thanks for your input on the bowsprit. I also read Ian's post,but like you didn't understand the implications of it until I started work in the stem area. I really don't have any choice on the placement of the bowsprit.... As Ian pointed out anything other than #1 will make the 'bowsprit sit too high'. To change that would mean altering the 30 degree angle,which would make it look odd. Thank you for the pictures of the models,as I can see in them,especially the second and third which do seem to have the bowsprit positioned going through the deck just before the bulkhead. I re
  2. Greetings to all, Before any further work on the hull I want to drill the hole for the bowsprit to pass through the forecastle/beak head deck. I should have thought about it and addressed this like Mike did at the bulkhead assembly stage. Once again it seems that every different plan or ship model I look at has a different location shown. Below is a rough side elevation of the three possibilities I have seen... Corel's plans appear to place it as in #1 Chapman's plans seem to point to both #2 and # 3,I find it hard to tell (maybe in the middle?) Any opinions of where the bows
  3. Hi Ian & Mike, Thank you for your feedback and information,which cleared a path to see the way forward. Mike,I'm afraid it is passed the point for alternating the position of the transom/galleries on the hull,they are epoxied in place. I would end up having to re plank the whole stern and rear upper works of the hull. The answer lies in raising the quarter deck,so that it is 30mm between the decks...This will give me a rise of 5mm from its present height at the waist. I will still have to sweep the aft end of the deck up,but this will raise it to where the cabin ceiling would b
  4. Hi Ian and Mike, I have been sat at my work table for quite a while trying different crude mock-ups on the alteration to the quarter deck on my Unicorn....Now my brain is pudding. The only way that looks pleasing to the eye by having the correct height in relation to the windows/great cabin ceiling is to cut the quarter deck as suggested,(by the main mast as in Ian's waist mod) and raise the height of it off the gun deck,sweeping even higher at the stern. I have a couple of questions I hope you both can help me with. I know you have discussed the heights of the fore and quarter decks in o
  5. Mike, You Idea for raising the quarterdeck using the walnut uprights after the first planking will work very well. You will have to be careful once you remove the plywood uprights as the single planked bulwarks will not have any additional support until the outer hull and inner bulwark planks are in place and as such will be susceptible to damage from handling. In fact I would think about waiting to cut out off the ply uprights until after you have second planked the area above the gunports,which will also give you a reference point of where the planks should be fitted from As to paint
  6. Hi Mike, I think the carefully thought out alterations you have set out in your latest posts will greatly enhance your build,if I was not so far along with my build I gladly copy your ideas exactly. Ian is spot on regarding your eyes being drawn to the companion way and false deck below. After seeing your deck plan,I am thinking I might construct a prefab companion way similar to Ian's and drop it in place,the stairs/ladder leading down into darkness. Whether you chose to build as the Unicorn or Lyme is a personal choice....One I would procrastinate about indefinitely. I also wish I had
  7. Greetings to all, Back working on the Unicorn and I have just about finished the stern. I ended up rejecting the strange white metal blobs topped with melted crowns that came with the kit as the gallery roofs.There was no way I could see how they could be made to work....The opposite sides were even different shapes and sizes. I made new ones as best I could........ The bottom of the galleries were then fitted,completing the gallery/transom area of the stern. ... Also thanks to viewing Ian's latest fine metal working skills I made a spectacle plate for the rudde
  8. Hi Ian, The rudder and chains look really good....Thanks for the baton idea for hanging the chains. John
  9. Hi Mike, I know how you feel regarding the kit,I too shelved it for a while for the same reason. However,I have rethought about it and decided I can construct a nice display model of a 18th century frigate,albeit with some inaccuracies. I am going to approach future construction with this in mind. As you saw in my build log I'm working on the transom/galleries. The windows are too high in relation to the deck,my way of rectifying will be to use a false deck a few mm higher than the main deck from the lockers forward to where I figure the great cabin would end and live with it. I paid too m
  10. Hi Ian,, The picture you asked about is actually one of a few post cards I bought at Bucklers Hard,Hants,which I visited on one of my trips home to Poole in the early 90's. I framed them when I returned to the States. It is well worth a visit if you have never been there,it has a really nice small museum. HMS Agamemnon was built there. Titled "British Frigate In Pursuit Of French Cutter In The Napoleonic Wars" by Thomas Buttersworth 1868 - 1842 This is one Bucklers Hard Itself,the Shipwrights and families lived in the row houses which were in two rows facing each other across
  11. Greetings to all, I decided to start a build log for my current work on Corel's HMS Unicorn. I started this kit a long time ago,nearly completing the hull planking before taking a hiatus. After retiring and moving to a house with a small work area I started on the project again. This was also spurred on by finding this forum and reading the posts of others like Ian and Mike,who worked their way through the problems found with this kit,which was one of the reasons work ceased. I have now finished the hull and gun deck planking. The rudder. . I am working on the tr
  12. Greetings Mike, I admire your fortitude in putting the flaws of Corel's kit to rights.......Soon you are going to have to move your build log to the scratch build forum. John
  13. Thank you Ian for the info. Another vote for the boxwood effect.....Well worth trying.. Regards, John
  14. Hi Mike, The new keel is a fine piece of work........I don't think there is going to be much of the original Corel kit remaining when you are finished. The new sander is a mighty fine machine also. Regards, John
  15. Hi Ian, I think the transom and gallery work turned out great. Turning the top arches of glass panes into decorative ones looks more like Chapman's stern elevation,I think Mike also interpreted it this way. It also puts the cabin ceiling in a more realistic place height wise than boarding up the bottom row of panes. As to painting,it is your personal choice mate,I had to paint mine because of the pot metal material of the part. I think guilding on the natural wood looks nice,but again Mike is right,it depends on how much other painting you are going to use. You could try painting the just
  16. Hi Ian, I found the colour scheme for the transom decoration whilst googling about one evening. I entered 18th century Royal Navy,George ll heraldry,coat of arms,amongst many other searches and eventually up popped one with the royal coat of arms with just 2 flags behind. I think it was from William lll reign.It had St George's cross and the Scottish Saltire..... This made sense to me. For the flags behind,I just thought of the yellow royal scots flag and red ensign would be appropriate. I should have bookmarked it as I sure can't find it again. John
  17. Mike, I used Dry Transfer Decals made by Woodland Scenics..... www.woodlandscenic.com They have different fonts,I chose EXTENDED ROMAN R.R.-GOLD. There are 5 sizes of letters per sheet. I then used DullCote spray for protection and to take the shine off. Ian, I am thinking ahead to when I follow your waist modification,which I think looks brilliant. Are bulkheads 4 through 10 where they come through the gun deck really obvious due to the narrower width of the waist walkways? If you had done the mod before the top deck was in place,would you have removed them? Take care, John
  18. Hi Ian, It looks like we have been working on the same part of the Unicorn lately. I have decided to use the Corel's pot metal transom,I just couldn't see my way to making a scratch built one. I would rather spend the time opening up the ships waist as you have done. Your work is a real pleasure to view. As I discussed on Mike's build log,I went ahead and shortened the window length by boarding over the lower set of panes. The transom is now curved with a backing of 2mm basswood sheet cut to contour. I will use veneer strips on the forward face showing above the stern rail to finish that sid
  19. Hi Mike, I have not really given a lot of thought about the actual transom part construction yet. I had sidetracked into spending a bit of time cleaning up and painting the pot metal one as a diversion whilst planking the hull. If I use it I know I will later regret using it at a later date,so I will explore what is involved in building a scratch built one. What wood sheeting are you going to use to construct your transom? I guess you could steam it and bend it round a form like a big sauce pan with the right radius. I went ahead and added the .25" filler blocks on the front side of #17 las
  20. Greetings gentlemen, Thank you for the 'welcome aboard the Unicorn club' Mike,I think Ian is right about the stern post. Now that it has been pointed out it seems obvious that this part was ommited by Corel,and by adding it the rudder would move aft along the counter and look like it is in its proper place. All my other ships had a stern post,I thought it odd Unicorn did not,but trusted Corel's plan (foolish me). I did put some what of a post in by channeling in a groove in the end of the hull planks and inlaying a 3mm walnut strip in place,I wish I had made it wider. Still thinking out
  21. Greetings to all, I'm glad to have found this forum and the wealth of knowledge contained within it. I have enjoyed looking at others work for a while and decided to return to the hobby. I am back on Corel's Unicorn after a hiatus of 4-5 years and have just finished the last bit of outer hull planking where I left off. I really stopped working on it (apart from a bit of bad health) when I started to look at the stern-transom area. The scale of the windows seemed off and well...it just was odd to look at. I have built 5 ships in the last 30 years and you kind of get an eye for something not fl
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