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  1. Ooooooh, I sailed in her  a number of years ago while on one of my trade courses with the RCN. My brother raced her in the Vic Maui the year they won, maybe 18-20 years ago now. I'll be following this one closely. I may or may not have some pictures of her if you're looking for detailed shots. Not many but might have a couple. There's a book about her as well that is available. Can't recall the name but I think my brother has a copy of it. I'll see what he says. 

  2. My favourite invented word that I came up with years ago was angrifying. We had been broken into while we were away and it was the best word I could come up with to describe how we felt. I still use it. Pumps would have been used all the time, shipping and unshipping the handle would have taken a significant amount of time if they were shipped several times per day. I suspect they were left on but thought maybe someone might know for sure. 

  3. I need to update that. I have sold my home in Shubie and we now live in Halifax, pretty close to downtown. We're looking to purchase somewhere not too far from town with a bit of space. We've outgrown this home by a lot. Funny enough, Shubie is close to the Bay of Fundy so I was still close to the water. Navy allows me to live out to just past Shubenacadie without any problem but it's convenient living 5 minutes from the dockyard to go to work. 

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