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HMS Warrior.

Barnacle Bill

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Extremely keen to see some details of this kit. I don't know if there is any functioning steam engine small enough to fit the model (obviously it won't be possible to be to scale) but that would be incredible and something i'd love to see. A r/c rudder and a steam engine built into a modified Billings Warrior.

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Just a question: did any one already see this kit, or a (prototype) build in real?

I can only find the photo-shopped version of the model.

And the 'official' Billings site doesn't seem top be very much updated recently......



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I can't find any actual pictures either. I don't think that is photoshopped image, it is probably actually the 3d image render they used when they were designing it.

These boat kit manufacturers are very archaic in how they do their marketing though. As bad as the chinese pirate manufacturers are they do present pictures of the various parts of the kit. This is something the others should be doing also. Pictures of all the little bits and pieces, the bulwarks, photo etch, wood strips etc.

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I've included a 12" rule to the pictures to give some idea of scale.



I heard complaints before that there are too many plastic parts in Billings kits, but in this case this is all there is.


The figurehead casting looks quality. The sword appears to be a separate part, as the base is cut, not snapped.



The only tiding work, appears to be on the left hand shoulder.


I haven't opened all of the bags, as I will not be starting immediately, have to finnish the President first.post-751-0-47835900-1366793835_thumb.jpg




Yes there is a stand included :)

More to follow.


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There looks to be a good set of plans, but the proof of the pudding will come during the build.


The detailing on the forward and aft decks looks interesting.


Surprising just how big 1.4M is really :o

Hopefully that covers everything, but if there is anything else, let me know and I'll see what I can do.



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I agree the quality of the casting is the best I've seen. The wood strips seem pretty standard, apart from being much larger than what I've used before, but as I'm only on my second model, I don't have a lot of experience in the standards supplied.

I've just finnished my first model, Thermopylae. Currently I'm on with the President and having fun with the second planking on the bow. As soon as I have completed her, I'll then start on the Warrior. 

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