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Flower class corvette by kpnuts - Revell - 1/72 scale - PLASTIC - modified as 1960's Bat Boat - TITLE EDITED BY MODERATOR

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Hi all I started this kit ages ago but it got shelved (can't remember why) but I had an idea to re motivate me , it's going to become a 60s version of the bat boat, I have the Airfix jet engine which I will be adding, with some lasers and other bits, I guarantee this will be like no corvette you ever saw.

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Hi all done a bit more.





As you can see there's no real detail to the jet engine, I know it's meant to be an educational toys to teach kids how a jet engine works and to be see through but I fail to see how this teaches anything, no injectors no pipe work for fuel just some blades which spin and some lights, I think Airfix missed a trick here. And for very little work on their part.

I know nothing about jet engines but I know they need injectors to get the fuel where needed and fuel obviously but here is no indication of either here.


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Hi all here is the next installment










I must say I'm enjoying this very much, freedom from anyone saying "that's wrong" is so liberating and I'm loving the fact I can use my imagination to find stuff for making 60s style futuristic stuff ( I thought at the start of this build that the corvette lent itself to that era, modern stuff would be either squarer or more streamlined)

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Hi all well I've finished detailing the jet engine, I was going to make an inspection panel in the casing so you could see the detailing but since it is curved in all directions I couldn't work out how to hinge it so you won't actually see any of it but, hey I know it's there.



I loved Jeff Lyns version of war of the world's, great music .

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Hi all I just feel like I should apologise to all the people following my other ship builds, I've not forgotten them, I'm just having so much fun with this I can't concentrate on them, is that selfish? Sorry, I will get back to them again,  and to those who don't like what I'm doing to this, I blow raspberrys at you.

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Hi all doing some research (I've no idea of the size of these and can't seem to find overall dimensions) I thought these would help in stabilisation either side, would you all agree, 1/72 seahund type xxv11b, I wouldn't be modeling them as submarines more outriggers with maybe some cannons or lasers attached.

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