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Fast Patrol Launch by Steve 12345 - KeilKraft

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Hello all and welcome to my log of the Fast Patrol Launch I picked this kit up second hand it is a very old kit I believe to be from the seventies possible even the sixties

it was produced by aerokits and distributed by keilkraft




and some pictures of the contents really not much to this little kit and all seems to be present




the previous owner had glued on four pieces before giving up two of these where cut to the wrong size and the other two glued on in the wrong place

so I removed those to have a fresh start



here is a few pics to kick things off with the keel built and some of the framing dry fittedDSC01105.jpg.cec2dc7f7de2dead2f3692e7e2696cb5.jpgDSC01106.jpg.84e63fa9979b6b576473487622037d84.jpg


the kit certainly smells like it has lied in an attic/roofspace for a long time after working at it for a few hrs I can almost taste the horrible damp roofspace smell but once I get the frame on a bit a few coats of sand and seal will freshen it up,the plywood is in surpisenly good condition and seems bendable without cracking and hasent dried out at all


My intensions with this boat is to produce a display piece adding lots of hardwood and some pretty inlay work finished off with a super shiny polished surfice so call in and check on her once in a while to see that carried out

thanks for viewing





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Done a bit of research on this kit turns out it's actually from the fifties wow 60 + years old I am honoured to bring it back to life it could easily have remained unbuilt until it was simply not usable ,apart from the roof space odour it seems fine ,I found a company that remakes these vintage kits with same plans but with laser cut parts that's where I obtained the date of original 




turns out out I could have bought a modern version for not much more than the price I payed for the original but hey it's pretty cool to bring such an old kit back to life .


i now have the majority of the boat build it's a pretty straight forward system to build three bulkheads a transom and a breasthook some planks and plywood skins I will post some photos tomorrow after filling and sanding 


I have taken copies of all the pieces before building as there is so little pieces and so little time to get a blank canvass of a hull I'm looking forward to the multiple different ways this build could go I definitely would like to try out epoxy and that's why I'm convinced at the minute to convert it to a yaught 


thanks for viewing and any suggestions are more than welcome 



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Hello all

With all the pieces that came along with this kit assembled the kit could be made watertight the rc componets fitted splash of paint and go have some fun however I plan on using it as a blank canvass for a display piece and the cool thing is if I mess it up I could quite easily knock up another blank canvass in a weekend


I see mahogany decks inlayed with pine strip decks real glass perhaps another level on top with wheel and controls a dive board on the stern glazed doors ladders/staircases seating areas brass handrails the list is limitless thanks for viewing and again any and all imput welcome


thanks steve



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Thanks E J

Hello all this evening I begun the first of many ideas to upgrade this little boat from the fifties

step one the deck planking

first thing was to create a border for the planking I traced the shape and made this on the drum sander




I rip some mahogany and thickness plane to 5.5mm I can then run it threw my little proxon saw a 1mmDSC01141.jpg.088a5a98ab2f374ed48b5635a0eaba72.jpgDSC01142.jpg.ce55e74fc4e7834552a6a24b5a025298.jpgDSC01143.jpg.dbffea8ca2ae2d404dc9ab63b930cb3e.jpgDSC01144.jpg.5cc6ce7e6d6d73c6ba3723aa57108956.jpgDSC01145.jpg.50cb488aa97ee826de25b1ebaddfc7ff.jpgDSC01147.jpg.4b9f3bb1af12b00c75265d3dc661473c.jpg


it was important to me to keep a line parallel with the middle cabin which I did achieve my next concern is when I start the starboard side can I keep them symmetrical DSC01148.jpg.aa3d81025e6e3d7fdd3d6a574ba587dd.jpgDSC01149.jpg.7b724b9f0759d27a307e59b529e833a7.jpg


for any of you that follow my other build the bounty im still awaiting parts from cornwall and I hope they arrive soon before this little boat steals my attention completely as im finding myself really beginning to enjoy this build


thanks for viewing




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Do you have a known dimension such as a window or door that you could use to find the scale? Example, if you know the height of the actual window should be 2 feet and the model is 1 inch than your scale would be 1:24. There is a handy app for your phone called model scaler that I use for those handy conversions or to find unknown scales.  

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thanks E J I never thought such an app would exist that's gonna be real handy


This evenings activity saw deck planking on the starboard side and any worries over the symmetry being off vanished

I really don't know where im going with this build so any suggestions or examples very welcome ,at this stage the wheel house is still removable so that might be rebuilt a different shape I might raise the deck around the bow slightly also covering or redoing the deck planking is not a problem so any ideas guys jump in there and don't be a stranger



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Hi Steve,

Another awesome little project on the go I see. I think it's great that you're resurrecting an old kit that was unappreciated at some point, only to be brought to back to life and given the care and attention it deserves. It's a great little kit and you're going above and beyond in making it a stunner. It will look good and anyone's mantle!


Happy building!



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Guest Riccardo1966

Hello Steve,

This is s very interesting build. I like how you have given an old model life and the very neat work in general, the deck looks beautiful.

Cheers Richard

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Wow don now that's input ,you have just described my dream build all your ideas are great and I'm writing them all down for future reference 

i particular like how you describe altering and moving the cabins thank you very much for your comment I'm gonna get to work sketching this out

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Thanks guys for the interests and the likes

running a google image search I came across this boat I reckon I could clone it would mean re doing that pretty deck again where it raises at the bow  but hey that is no problem

ignore the size and shape of windows on mine this will all be planked over and new apertures created and as don mentioned I would need to make the windscreen steeper angled







if anyone has any pics you think this boat could be made in to throw them up there id be happy to see alternatives




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Very nice work so far--might have a go at something like the pic below... (Just use it as "inspiration", since so many of these mid-20th century cruisers were customized or one-off for individual tastes.) This way you wouldn't have to change the very nice deck you have, as well as having your craft become a smaller boat at a larger scale (somewhere between 1/32 and 1/24 maybe?) allowing for some nice detail work.  All the cabin sides and glass are straight, the only curved bit is the roof, which can be easily executed with tissue over planking over ribs.  Have fun!

cabin cruiser.jpg

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