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3 hours ago, mikiek said:

Deck furniture looks great Per. Some day we will finish our builds huh? 😉

Mike, I like the timeline, some day.

I have to much going on right now I hardly have time for fun. And FUN is important!😎

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Charley54, Thank you for letting me know you browsed through the log and that you enjoyed it.

Well,  you absolutely right about a journey.

Packing the workshop twice and moving. Now located in Centralia.
But yes, she is a joy to work with. I see there are corners to cut in order to make parts. Then again, I don't.
With a new camera I hope to be able to document upcoming logs along with this one better.
I realized pictures and writing down progress is good to have.

Until next update - Happy Modeling!



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3 hours ago, CPDDET said:

I'm working on the skylight as well. Plan on using Grafix Craft Plastic. Crystal clear .007 thick. Comes in 12" X 12" sheets, 4 to a package.


I will definitely look into that, thank you.
And it will last me a lifetime!😆

Edit: On the other hand I do have other ships that may use it too.

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43 minutes ago, CPDDET said:

Still not sure how I will attach it to the painted basswood. I'll test CA but wonder if silicone might work better. 


Always something.....

Wonder if Elmers school glue would work, it's tacky and will set.

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Might be a good solution. I made my frames a bit thicker, 1/32, and drilled holes for the bars. Still have to assemble this. Will try using straight pins for the bars. They are 1/64 diamiter. Wish they were gold instead of silver.


Will also try thinning copper wire with a draw plate for the bars.

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You guys are to kind, it sure can had been done in another and better fashion.

It was tricky to get the height correct for the platform. The support block on the samson post got a fraction to high and made it all look weird.

Had to sand it down and then the support block between the bits I just took the distance from top of the bits down to lower part of platform and glued them together.

Support block for windlass brake beam hasn't been installed yet.

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Regarding the bars on the skylight window, I tried this out using thin thin brass wire.
The inner opening is 14 mm, so I added 10 wires.
With the macro photo none of the strings are straight, but from 2ft / 36cm I have a hard time to tell.
I will try to straighten them out a little more.
My idea of this setup is:

double sided tape - lay the strings down -  matching about 1.5mm on center.


place the frame down on top



add glue  - press all the pieces into place, using a cover plate and lots of weight


Will this turn out okay?
Once it's done -  I will know

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Per - do you really Moon us??? :)  Nice image.  On the bars, did you consider trying to file slots in the underside of the frame?  I know they would be tiny, but if it could be done, that might provide a little more purchase to hold the bars in place.


BTW, I am no expert on the skylight windows - all I did was paint some black squares on the solid white box to simulate windows, pretty cheesy.



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On 8/24/2020 at 7:52 PM, Nirvana said:

Wonder if Elmers school glue would work, it's tacky and will set.

Did a try with soft plastic and CA with wood. I am surprised!
It sticks!
I did my trial with the type of soft plastic covering containers from the bakery of your store.
Now here is the question: What type of blue to use?

I am using Vallejo paint, and have several blues.
Guess a sample plate with all the blue has to be done. The blue appears different on clear plastic versus wood. 

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Creating the skylights involved a lot of light hand work.

I used my shaver type blade of saw, cut down into the frame work and added the brass strings.



I used a tine spot of CA to glue them into place.



The strings doesn't look straight in close up, 


The Proxxon vise became handy here, once glued I used the vise and pressed all the strings into place.

After hand the brass strings looks over-dimensioned. At least at close up.

From a distance it isn't to bad. 

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