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Working more than one build


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I am currently working on MS Glad Tidings. It's going pretty well and I will be updating my log soon. I also have a Triton cross section started but I set it aside to build my skills a bit. I am thinking of starting a side project of Chucks Longboat to do something different for a while. Is it a bad idea to multitask? I consider the Glad Tidings a learning project more than anything and it's doing that well. I really don't understand why these work boats are not more popular. The larger scale is nice to work with and they can really be detailed.

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I'm the opposite to Bob. One at a time, or things start getting confusing. If I'm getting a bit tired of tying ratlines, for example, I'll make the Longboat or the lanterns or something else. There's usually something on the same build that can be made.


:cheers:  Danny

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My wife is doing the whole household and she does this all very wel
And she goes to work.

She knows that making 3 models at the same time is not multitasking.

Then she just shakes her head from left to right and smiles :);)

I'm making diner.
Maintain a garden of 2000m2
Do all the small repairs in the house.
Do maintenance on our 2 cars
Go to work 5 days a week.

And, in 32 years of modeling, there are only 2 models (on a total of 1400 completed)  that ended up in the trash because of a failure.



Hopefully, I do not offend anyone with my bad knowledge of the English language


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8 hours ago, Backer said:

My admiral always says that a man can not do multitasking. Only a woman can do that.

My wife THINKS she can do multitasking, although she doesn't/can. I simply admit I can't.


Back to the topic, I always work on two projects, and, like some guys said, when I feel frustrated/bored/blocked, I switch projects and refresh my brain.

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Having multiple builds appeals to me, and Alex's point about refreshing your brain makes sense. But I'm a beginner, I'm afraid that if I allowed myself to purchase more kits, my hobby would go from model building to kit and tool collecting.


You have to know when to draw the line, and I'm not so good at that.  

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I've usually got several builds going at one time. It helps from getting a bit burned out occasionally by just doing something different. However, once the planking and finishing of decks and hull is complete, I usually concentrate more on that build until I get to the rigging stage. Rigging, for me, is very tedious and requires a lot of concentration. I take breaks from that and work on something else for awhile.

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