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A Model Railroader adding ships to the repertoire!


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Hi all,


After a lifetime of building model railroads, model planes, cars, bikes and everything else, I've jumped into model ships. More of a return, having built a grand total of 1 ship 30 years ago, a Bluenose II. I remember buying the kit at a hobby show in Toronto in November of '87 and telling the vendor I intended to build it and give it to my father for Christmas. He said "This year?".  He was right, he didn't get his ship for three years...




Considering it's 25+ years old, it's stood up rather well, even survived a cat.


Currently in Port Dover, Ontario. I own and operate a company that makes specialty tools for model railroaders and have been doing so full time for 15 years now. Last year we purchased a company that makes scale stripwood, again for the model railroad hobby and working with all that wood got me really craving a project from wood.  So in a moment of impulsiveness, last month I bought a ship kit, The Corsair from OcCre.


I'm a few weeks into it and really enjoying the challenge! To be honest I have not been challenged enough with model railroading as of late and was looking for something new to do. Also, as my day job for the last 15 years has been all trains all the time, I need something different to occupy my off time.


Here is a link to my current model railroad project if you are interested...


CNJ Bronx Terminal


CNJ Bronx Terminal build on Facebook




When I started the ship build I promised myself I would resist trying to improve on the kit. That lasted about 10 minutes...  Having several laser cutters and a complete scale stripwood sawmill at my disposal it wasn't long before I started replacing items in the kit. 


I made some new deck planking, with pre-drilled holes on the laser to start with. Was pretty happy with how that turned out. Also replaced the few windows in the kit from cast metal to laser cut, which looks much better. Also made some wood wheels for the cannons, didn't really like the brass wheels included in the kit.



Pretty happy with how the planks turned out, although in hindsight I made them a bit too narrow.











Laser cut wood wheels for the cannons.


The first layer of the hull is planked and am looking forward to doing the final layer.




I'm learning a great deal from this group! Some very talented modelers and models here that I'm getting a lot of inspiration from!  Looking forward to contributing in the future.




Tim Warris


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Hi Tim and welcome to the forum. Looks like you are off to a great start. Looks like we have something in common. I too am a model railroader and my first ship build was a Bluenose 2 as well. Am I right in guessing you own Fast Tracks?  I seen your Bronx Terminal track work. What a nightmare to build that yard, but you managed to get it done. Best of luck on your build. Cheers, Ron from Manitoba.

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hello.....a big welcome from the northeast!  you'll definitely have to start a build log on her.......looks really sweet!   does your company carry scribed wood?  I used to get some from the Ambroid company before they changed over to Northeast...haven't found another place since.

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Hi Tim,


Like you,the model railroad craze kept me going for 33 years until I actually finished the layout. What a bummer that was.

Needing a new challenge, I started building Bluejackets Portland. It has taken me 18 months to get this far and I suspect

this was the easy part. The build is way over my head but I'm determined to keep going. At 77 I hope my stamina keeps up.





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