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English Pinnace by MEDDO - FINISHED - Model Shipways - Scale 1:24

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So I have decided to throw my hat into the ring with my next project.  It was a toss up between this and the Longboat.  I decided on this one as I was able to obtain a Longboat replacement wood package in pear (from Crown Timberyard prior to their "maintenance").  I wanted to save that for when I have a bit more skill.  It was pretty interesting to learn that there are not too many builds of this kit here on MSW.  Blue Ensign, Tigersteve, Mike Y and MikeB4 and a few others are about it.  For tonight its going to be inventory desk clean up and sanding char.... Yuk!  Although there is remarkable little on this well made kit.  Hopefully it won't take 4 years like the last build.  :D



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Was able to get the frames glued in.  It went pretty slow but the overall run is really nice.  I used a small level to make sure they were not tilted to the side.







This weekend hopefully will get the strengthening battens in as well as the bow filler piece and maybe, just maybe the first strake.



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5 hours ago, druxey said:

Looks like you need to find the piece and glue it back, if you can. Otherwise, yes, a replacement. You need a solid 'landing' for the planks later. Be extremely light on those cross-grain areas!

Very light touch indeed.  I wasn't even going across the frames but along them.  This wood is crazy soft.  I looked for the piece but I think I will have to just remake the tip from the scrap.

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4 hours ago, Mike Y said:

Nice build! Hope you will have more luck with thin planking strips included in the kit, it is actually easier to build with a boxwood package - thicker strips that bend more evenly with more margin for fairing.

We will see about the kit provided wood.  I do have a nice pear replacement package for the Longboat but wanted to try to see what I could do "out of the box" on this one.  Hopefully skilling up a bit before I move on to that one.

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Enjoying following along on this Pinnace build...


I had been thinking of picking up a Model Shipways longboat kit and pinnace kit just to use the drawings and then the kit laser wood as patterns.  


I’m going to use castello, buxus, holly and pear for my builds as much as possible.  I moved away from basswood for model building a few years ago as I find it not strong enough for my tastes...

Cherry and maple have been my garden railroading woods of choice, for shipbuilding these perhaps have too much grain for 1:48 or smaller scales.

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Work finally easing up a bit.  We went through a massive expansion basically doubling our size over the course of a few months. Back in the shipyard more soon. Here first attempt to start the planking.


More fuzzy basswood.  Camera picks up all the fuzz and dents.









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Garboard and first lower planks are in.  





With just about 20-30 sec of soak in water and careful clamping and drying with heat gun you can get a fairly good bend even with basswood.





gotta be careful though this thing will definitely burn the wood not to mention human flesh...



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